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Going With the Flow - Another abstract made from combining three different photos in different overlay blending modes. I am doing a lot of these lately, and having a lot of fun with it! And a quote I like:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

For +Abstract Xpression and a late entry for +AbstractArtMonday . Someday I will get my act together, or not!
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Hey, +Michele Cornelius another gorgeous creation! And I love the Dr. Seuss quote. Soon you'll see my daily posts coming back up. (I know what withdrawal feels like! LOL) Probably by Friday I'll be up and posting them again. :)
I am so glad to see you +Rob Patterson !!! I so miss your daily posts and have been thinking about you! I hope everything is going well. :-)
Thank you very much +John Christopher! I know I lose some photographers with these posts, but want to share the other work I do too! :-)
Thanks, +Michele Cornelius It's so healthy to occasionally get yourself away and reflect. It's been refreshing for me!!! :)
Not today but should be around here tomorrow... and that's good enough for me, my friend. I hope you're having a great day. hugs
I am glad it has been good +Rob Patterson , and you sound revived even!! I will stop worrying about you! I need to do that myself.
The sun finally came out here +Christophe Friedli, and that sure makes the day better. I am glad there is sun in your forecast! Have a wonderful day my friend. :-)
Fantastic blend of colors and curves! Love the quote, too!
great work +Michele Cornelius i, like it very much, keep going with your flow, we waiting for your results, beautiful !
Thank you +Matthew Woodall ! I am new at this and know what I like, but don't have a lot of confidence and posting them helps! I am going to try putting them for sale at Fine Art America and see what happens. :-)
love, love, love (that would make love-cubed) the colors!!! and the Dr. seuss quote too, of course! :-)
I really like those rich colors and the movement in it. Stunning works ! Thanks for the share. (Marcel André)
Absolutly Fantastic work Michele! Realy amazing abstract art! Ind interesting how you create it, it may be interesting ti try the same in time when I waiting for more ice.. really love what you done here, so beautiful. Gorgeous colors and such a lovely playing lines! Fantastic!
..... .... ....
I sit here, watch this digital art
seeing a detail here, another there,
Seeing the flow, the small streams uniting in a river..
and I have no adjectives to describe how good this is.
GO ON +Michele Cornelius , just go on. You definitely go into the right direction and I adore it.
Thank you very much +Heiko Mahr ! Thank you very much for the encouragement and support, I really appreciate it. :-)
beautiful flow and colors (alexius)
Wowww, what a great composition and awesome work, Michele!!
So beautiful +Michele Cornelius ...nicely done...your creativity is limitless just by the use of layers, blend modes, masking, and the opacity slider...and of course in your mind's eye...:)
ae den
your abstract art is a beautiful reminder of the splendour of the natural world! awesome!!! Just be yourself and follow your heart :)
There's so much beautiful flow of color and texture in this, Michele. I'm reminded of hands on art work and the feel of the materials. You have a good thing going with these explorations. Have you viewed them as prints yet?
Thank you +Irene Kato , I didn't know that you did hands on art, but am not surprised since your photography is so artistic! I haven't printed out any of my work yet, mainly because I don't have a good printer and having it done is too expensive! Someday... :-)
Having children = hands on art. lol! I used to teach elementary school, too. Not real artsy art like your art, but art creations. :)
I was picturing you doing sculpture or something! But that is art too...It is all art and takes creativity +Irene Kato ! That is funny though!
yes, I can see why that is so much fun! Did it also some time ago but forgot about it again....
Du glaubst an Aliens ? Ich halte mich lieber an deine schönen Landschaften und hervorragenden abstrakten Bilder . Wenn es Alien doch gibt - kann ja sein - leg ein gutes Wort für mich ein .
Wir haben Spaß mit dem fremden Thema, aber ich bin wirklich mehr in die Landschaften und Kunst. Ich hoffe, diese Übersetzung ist gut! Ich weiß nie, ob ich es vertrauen kann. +Heinz Udo Zemlin !
Mit ein wenig Einfühlung versteht es Jeder . Das du Bilder wie dieses nicht mehr machen willst ist schade . Mach doch beides . Bitte
Ich bin mir nicht sicher über die Übersetzung, aber es klingt wie Sie sagen, dass ich nicht tun sollte, die verschiedenen Arten von Bildern wie den außerirdischen diejenigen sind? Ich bin nur die Entsendung Dinge, die ich genießen und Spaß haben mit verschiedenen Dingen hier. Ich verkaufe meine Kunst auf ein paar Seiten, und nicht wirklich erwarten, dass hier sein wird, das so beschlossen haben Spaß mit den sozialen Aspekten hier anstatt sie professionell zu helfen. +Heinz Udo Zemlin
+Heinz Udo Zemlin : Michele meint, dass wir die Alienbilder nur aus Spass an der Freude machen, sie sich aber ernsthaft mit Landschaften und Kunst auseinandersetzt. Wir glauben eher beide nicht an Aliens.. Das ist der reine Spass, fast schon Satire getragen von ein paar sehr netten, sehr humorvollen Menschen.
+Michele Cornelius: I just translated and explained to Udo a little bit, that we do those alien image out of the fun itself, but that you work more earnest on landscapes and art.
Some can get the clue out of it. It is not perfect, but the sense is in it.
I'm clearly, late to the party, but oh, I love this.... :)
Oh, my pleasure Michele...enjoy the diversity of your art, very much:)
I am still trying to find my niche with it, but am enjoying the journey +Shell Rummel ! Thank you so much for taking a look at it! ::)
Magnifique ,ça ressemble tellement a une superbe peinture abstraite .
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