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With a "Prediction plus a Plan" I'll empower you to turn your wishes into realities.
With a "Prediction plus a Plan" I'll empower you to turn your wishes into realities.

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Who wants to practice their divination skills and level up their karma?
1st we need someone to post their question to get it rolling.
Next person: answer that question via a short reading, and
Then, ask the next question.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

(this thread will be deleted every ten days for privacy purposes)

Another option = let me know if you want to join my top-secret facebook group for serious divination practicing.

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::: Five of Air / swords / thorns :::
Epiphanies Tarot's newest re-creation
Fight right! Fight to win. Win at all costs.

Epiphanies Tarot is a perpetual deck in progress with a new card re-created thrice monthly.
~ Choose your cardstock and size.
~ Choose your 78 favorite Epiphanies.
~ Add new favorites to your deck anytime.
~ Your unique deck, your way. ♥

Check out my mystic-mentor shoppe and see what I'm talking about: #EpiphaniesTarot #5Air by

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::: Three of Earth / pentacles / gems :::
...introducing Epiphanies Tarot's latest re-creation.

This week my daughter, Candace, is updating her resume and her father and I are taking turns in proofing it with her. Three proofreaders is the magic number for perfection.

This little life snippet plays out the meaning of the #3Earth perfectly. Collaboration and teamwork create amazing outcomes!
#ExtraMysticalActivities #TellitinTarot

::image:: #EpiphaniesTarot by

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Say hello to Epiphanies Tarot's newest re-creation...
::: XII ~ The Hanged Man :::
Hang in there ;-) Get some perspective. Be patient. Take a wait-and-see break. Slower is better for now.

Epiphanies Tarot is a perpetual deck in progress with another card re-created thrice monthly, forever!

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:::: Four of Water / cups / shells ::::
...introducing Epiphanies Tarot's newest re-creation...

There's always something better to do. Just look up!

#EpiphaniesTarot #4Water by

A note to those who wonder if they are truly gifted as a messenger of inspiration, a psychic/medium/channel/healer/divinatrix ::

We are ALL gifted with the ability to receive loving messages from the Divine, from other realms, from our Spirit Teams, and from our loved ones in heaven. The gift is in the allowing, in the being open, in the intent to notice, and the expectation to receive. We should all feel very special, because we are.

Just for today, ask Spirit a question. Ask, then let it go with the intent of receiving a message. Spirit will absolutely respond in surprising ways. You'll be startled by a sign. Write it down. Then, another... and another. You will receive a minimum of three signs in three days. They will probably be unexpected. Spirit loves to wow you. You'll be amazed!

When you get a chance, share your experiences here. We are all connected and our faith is strengthened by a loving, giving community. Your words may be just what another person needed to hear today, maybe even their sign.

Love, Peace, Blessings, and Epic Joy to YOU

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Let passions and power play out NOW!
..introducing.. :::: The Eight of Fire / wands / sparks ::::
Epiphanies Tarot's latest re-creation,
the first card of the 2017 Summer Edition.

#EpiphaniesTarot #8Fire by

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::: Ace of Fire / wands / clubs / sparks :::
[introducing Epiphanies Tarot's latest re-creation]
...the perfect tarot card to complement today's Pink Moon, it pushes you to get going, once and for all, and take an active role in igniting your passions.
Let's get it started! This is your call to action.

This new Ace is included in Epiphanies Tarot's Spring Edition:

#EpiphaniesTarot #1Fire by

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::: The Ace of Air / Swords / Thorns / Spades :::
(Epiphanies Tarot's latest re-creation)
The gift of an epiphany. The thoughtful examination of the origin of transformation brings up new ideas.

Dandelion seeding = infinite possibilities
The underside of the Dandelion = deeper examination
The Cocoon = transformation
The Chalkboard background = formulaic thought process
#EpiphaniesTarot #1Air by

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