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#Wandboard Quad in an old PC power supplier.

HDD and Fan are bonus
LEGO Bookreader: Digitize books with mindstorms and Raspberry Pi

MAKE has posted this fantastic project with a full tutorial. View it here.

Using Lego motors and blocks, the Raspberry Pi, and a BrickPi, we built our own digital book reader out of Legos that can digitize real paper books.

We wanted to develop a book digitizer that could read books aloud. We were fascinated by Google’s Google Books project, and thought “Why couldn’t we do this at home?”

In our first attempt, we tried a proof of concept where we built the BrickPi Bookreader to read a Kindle aloud.

We redesigned the Bookreader to read real paper books. In our example, we digitize a paper copy of Horowitz and Hill’s The Art of Electronics.

The Bookreader flips through the pages of a book, taking pictures of each page, and then turns each picture into a text document.

First, the bookreader prepares a page to turn by rotating a Lego motor. Gravity keeps just enough friction on the book page to inch the page forward. Next, a Lego arm beam swings around, forcing the page over.

After a new page is turned, the Raspberry Pi camera takes an image of the new page in JPEG format, and saves it to file. Using open source Optical Character Recognition software on the Raspberry Pi, the BrickPi turns the page image into text.

Finally, the Pi saves the text. Now we’ve digitized the page, and you have the start of your book. Just for fun, in our example we use some free text-to-speech software, and the Raspberry Pi reads the book out loud over some speakers we attached. Once the page is read and stored, the Raspberry Pi, through the BrickPi, turns to the next page of the book.

Read more #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

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Thanks for the invite.
I would like to contribute with my Computer Vision department to this magnificent project by creating apps and discover applications for Project Tango. Unfortunately I haven't received a device, but I hope I could get one on next release round.

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Setting Up a Killer Audio/Visual System for Your Office using a Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_pi#piday #raspberrypi

The design blog Betterment has a post about their office set-up design, including how they implemented the Raspberry Pi to install metrics dashboards.

Want to equip your office with metrics dashboards? We’ve found that Raspberry Pi is an excellent tool for clean visuals that you set up in advance. For instance, at DT we created custom dashboards with Dashing, which we then pointed our Raspberry Pis to. With Dashing we set up how often we want the metrics to refresh, and the Raspberry Pi happily displays the information with crisper visuals than the Chromecast.

Why else didn’t we use Chromecast to show our dashboards? Well, a major advantage of Raspberry Pi is that it doesn’t need a designated computer in the office to be in charge of displaying the given tab all the time. This way a computer going to sleep or getting shut down doesn’t affect the display. You also don’t need to buy, set up, and power yet another full-on computer.

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I've brought back to life a MacBook Pro 7.1 (mid 2010 - 13" Core 2 Duo).
Cause: OS X 10.9.2 made the machine extremely slow (even with a ssd).
Solution: full wiped OSX, installed Windows 8.1 alone (no bootcamp then).

Problem: Apple doesn't allow you to install Windows 8.1 on this machine (the minimal configuration accepted - for them - is a Macbookpro 2011).

Solution: downloaded both Bootcamp 4.0.4033 (compatible with this MBP) and 5.1.2 support packages (compatible with Win8.1).
The drivers used for laptop are the one of Bootcamp 4, the bootcamp manager for key bindings and touchpad comes from the 5 version.
I had to reset the PRAM only at the very end.

Result: amazing speed and freshness for a 4 years old laptop, which has poor hardware, but it still performs great for everyday usage.

#fact: Apple computers are made to run Windows - OSX is such a crap. If you don't like Windows, then use Ubuntu, which still does a great job on it.

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Open your pocketbooks, 4K fans, Toshiba's first Ultra HD laptop is headed your way next Tuesday. The Tokyo-based electronics maker just announced that the Toshiba Satellite P55t will hit U.S. store shelves on April 22, starting at $1,500 for the base model. For all that cash you'll get a 15.6-inch laptop with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (no word on the specific model), up to 16GB RAM, an AMD Radeon R9 M265X discrete graphics card with 2...

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