"Apple Guy" - My Book Review of The Art of The Start 2.0
I got an email from +Guy Kawasaki 3 hours ago ... He is also a nice person :D
In my previous post mentionning my intention to read and submit my book review es a Beta Reader of The Art of The Start 2.0 (http://goo.gl/VtHQC8), I was really curious in which way Guy Kawasaki (below) could describe how to start anything ...

Here's the result > http://goo.gl/ptml2J

[Article snippets]

Everything started with an Apple and a Guy. I mean, really! Guy (...) Kawasaki was Chief Evangelist of Apple, considered as The Most Impressive Business Comeback Of The Past 20 Years (http://goo.gl/O9BIho). His book is a second edition, enriched by 10 more years experience that delivers the Art of the Start 2.0, by what Guy Kawasaki lived and which makes you sometimes smile and sometimes cringe when talking to your little voice inside ...
The first pages literally plunge into a world of "almighty creator" stripped of everything superfluous and giving priority only for simplicity to which every entrepreneur aspires (or should) at the "beginning of the beginning”: ask the simple questions and fix the real priorities to achieve success ... Guy Kawasaki is now the owner of garage.com and Chief Evangelist of +Canva - Design Anything. Publish Anywhere., a free online graphic design tool that I also use for creating metaphoric images ...

The chapters are organized perfectly around the subject, the book takes into account the current devices that did not exist before to release creativity by individuals who do not necessarily have a degree course but who have the talent to create or innovate and can reach their fans, clients and donors by using social networks and among other by using crowdfunding ...

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE > http://goo.gl/ptml2J

And if you want more awesome secrets about this and Guy Kawasaki, don't miss this HOA organised by +Startup Grind and +Google for Entrepreneurs
> https://youtu.be/9vyfl0k6GRk

Bonne lecture.

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