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From the book:

Step 5 - Content,
Ten Decisions You Have to Make as a Blogger,
Point 7 - Be Controvorsial,
... If you do truly feel strongly about a subject and have the evidence to back it up, then have the guts to write about it.


The branding of a company on the Web is not limited only to its website as a "message in a bottle thrown into the sea", which, with any luck, maybe found by someone who will read ...

That said, there is an alternative that couldn't be more Zen to manage Semantic Search Steps for an efficient digital identity :

Added Value n°1 to locate and adjust:

1 book, 20 Semanitc Search Steps in order to help you first “spot on the sea of the internet' and 1 Map, yes, a Mind Map exactly I created and you can download for free (no subscription nor email requested), to help you locate strengths and weaknesses as an audit and to arbitrate the efforts required by the objectives set for any organization as a project plan (or to-do list).

All of this is absolutely doable and the main purpose of David Amerland's book, which clearly illustrates the magnitude of the subject; how to “locate your boat and adjust the sails” to bring it to the destination you have set, the whole step by step process required to realistically reach port.

Added Value n°2 to visualize further gains:

A book that helps entrepreneurs : I proceeded to overlay the 5 first steps of his book on a Visual and Universal Business Model Canvas (with scheme and video) in order to better think and better communicate assumptions when (re)designing a product or a service with these new elements.

Whether for a new business or an existing organization, it can help detect new possibilities in terms of channels of relationships for different customer and partner segments, and of distribution of its offer with positive impact on cost structure and revenue streams ...

This is actually a very good tool because David's book gives me the items I miss to define relationships with more confidence, to establish the actions, the editorial line thus the corresponding digital means to the nature of my projects and my ambitions, while measuring my progress and the results they produce.

Read the whole thing here (and don’t miss the “serendipitous end", isn't it David?:) > http://goo.gl/QbFq9j

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