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Michel Reibel
Digital Strategist | Google+ Create Member | Google Trusted Tester
Digital Strategist | Google+ Create Member | Google Trusted Tester

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Watch 35 Years of the World’s Economy Evolving as a Living Organism

h/t +Pierre Tran 

#MyPrecious #Economy  
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Google+ // Next Level - Transforming company culture
My favorite Google+ feature is that the best is always to come ;-) … and much more since G+ became a core service of G Suite by Google Cloud.

Check out this G+ 2017 feature release roadmap which should seriously increase knowledge sharing, employee engagement and communication security:

New admin settings let you choose the level that fits your company

Public > Users have full access to see and create external Google+ content,
Discovery > Users can see and follow external Google+ content but can only share (including commenting, etc.) within your domain,
Walled garden > Users can’t see external content in Google+ search or recommendations and can only share within your domain.

New type of Communities that allow multiple organizations to communicate securely

Brainstorm ideas with vendors,
Communicate securely with clients,
Work with partner teams.


Q2 2017

⯈ Domain-level usage metrics.

Q3 2017

⯈ Multi-company Communities,
⯈ User-level usage metrics,
⯈ Google+ enterprise Log API.

Q4 2017

⯈ Walled garden.

In this Google Cloud Next '17 video 👉, you'll hear from companies that have used Google+ to drive cultural change within their organizations by sharing ideas, creating Communities, and more. +Danielle Buckley, Product Lead for Google+, together with Ray Allen, Archna Tikku, and Wilma Low, shares insights about these new features and how enterprises can get the most out of using Google+.

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Digital and Mental.
Breakfast yesterday at the Sofitel in Strasbourg with Gilles Ihle, former International Karate champion 5th Dan:

Winner of the World Cup in Tokyo (Wado Kai)
European champion by team
Double champion of France all categories
Winner of the Coupe de France

He is now sports coach and his 12 year old daughter is handi-karate world champion. See Facebook photos >

We both know each other because I’ve beaten Gilles in 1986 and 1987 (...) and I reconnected with him to ask him to participate as a speaker at the biggest digital event of the Grand Est of France that I organize for next summer.

On the theme “Digital carries the values ​​of the whole society: what are the key success factors to sustainably exist in the digital world?" Whether in business, in education or in everyday life, a mental of strength and flexibility is essential to support the change.

This initiative was inspired by +David Amerland and +Denis Labelle because you can recognize these values in their content and behavior through their digital identity.

Have an awesome week-end.
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Heading to my new Headquarters in the heart of the old Strasburg
Will be back to you very soon with great news ...


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Why I leave the government
Secretary of State in charge of Digital +Axelle Lemaire leaves the French government. Mother of three young children, she is engaging a new battle to free us all with the power of digital.

Read article (FR) > 

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Marketing, Ventes, RH, DSI et Commerce Connecté : Parcours guidés dans les métiers de demain, entre un salon professionnel et un concours de pitchs : 40 démos et ateliers spécialisés, 25 conférences et émissions TV.

A l'IUT Louis Pasteur de Espace Européen de l'Entreprise.

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Sniper training is a short part of my life.
And a long term benefit for my career.

When +David Amerland first asked me if I wanted to testify about my past as a Commando Sniper, I hesitated a long time before realizing that he alone could describe what was best to enhance and still to apply in my decisions.

Yesterday I had a long talk to help french companies in their strategic market conquest, some of which realize several billions of euros turnover per year.

At the end of the interview, the word "sniper" was mentioned ...

#EntrepreneurStory   #TheSniperMind  

The process of ascribing meaning to messages and events is strongly influenced by the perceiver's current state of mind, role, and comprehension of earlier communications. Context and framing are important because they alter the value of the facts of the moment.

People interpret their environment in order to respond appropriately.
The complexity of environments makes it impossible to process all of the information they provide.

People develop mental shortcuts to process information and these shortcuts create perceptual errors.

Reserve your copy of the book that breaks new ground in how you can make sure you understand the secrets of perception and don’t fall victim to the pitfalls it creates, while you use its dynamic principles to your own benefit:


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6am Run This Morning With My Son.
When I was Ch@sseur and Comm@ndo in the army, we had to get up early and run each day in the german and french mountains ...

#ToGoHigher #4810Reasons #ChamonixMontBlanc

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Pain ... Then You Get The Why. +Simon Sinek makes the point.
I was surfing on Linkedin when I watched this video posted by +Serge Labelle. Yes he is +Denis Labelle's twin brother. Don't ask me why I really love these guys.


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Frozen Soap Bubbles.
Soap bubbles @ -15 degrees Celsius.

Watch the 2' video >

#MyPrecious #Cold #Winter
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