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Digital Strategist | Google+ Creator


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Watch 35 Years of the World’s Economy Evolving as a Living Organism

h/t +Pierre Tran 

#France #Economy  
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It is possible to bring people back to life again
The readers of #TheSniperMind commonly possess an unwavering commitment to personal and professional aspirations.

Thank you +David Amerland! It is true that I was afraid to talk about it, but today the light is shed on it for a constructive purpose: we are warriors at heart and we must use it wisely...
Moral Authority

Moral authority necessitates the existence of and adherence to truth. This is a fundamental principle that enables an organization, whether that is an army or a company, to operate with the tacit understanding and support it needs from its public, to make its operations possible.

I wrote about some of the background to this here: but it goes beyond that.
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Free of visual pollution.
The Milky Way accompanied by Airglow in the Chilean Andes.

+Guillaume Doyen is a (french) Google+ Create member living in Chili. This is how he makes us vibrate with his passion for astronomy.
📷 La Voie Lactée accompagnée d'Airglow dans les Andes Chiliennes

🖼️ Ce panorama a été pris depuis les montagnes du Chili en mai 2018. Je ne peux comparer ce ciel à aucun autre puisque c'est la première fois que je fais face à un ciel aussi pur. Son extrême noirceur permet de distinguer la voie lactée à l’œil nu et le phénomène naturel d'Airglow devient même gênant pour l'observation !

Il s'agit d'une pose de 30 secondes à 3200 ISO réalisé avec une monture équatoriale motorisée (Star Adventurer Mini)

❤️ Photo & Explications à retrouver sur mon blog photo #AstroGuigeek :

#voielactée #astronomie #astrophotographie #ciel #cielétoilé #étoiles #astronomy #astrophotography #cieldenuit #skyatnight #Astroguigeek #canoneos700d #nébuleuses #amas #milkyway #stars #deepsky #Chili #Chile #AstroChile #AstroChili #Airglow
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It's Hard to Keep it Flat.
The relief of search described by +David Amerland is like walking in the mountains: it's difficult up to the top and then it's easier to get down, except that deemed even more dangerous... So, and however, keep in mind that only permanent attention matters, and the reward is, again and again, only at a never ending end.
Search Is Changing (Again)

There is no magic to what you need to do. Understand the changes and respond to them. In this simplicity now lie some deep changes that must be made to your thinking and digital behavior.

h/t +Coach G Moore whose sharing of a post this morning prompted me.
Take Advantage of Search
Take Advantage of Search
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Why and How to Become a Sniper in the Data World?
Because people want a friction-free online and offline experience, they want to love brands. You have to figure out how to reach them straight into the heart...

Brands are beginning to understand that consumers are no longer targets but have become hunters, so you have to become a sniper.

Your Mission (and team)

GDPR: Brand Hospitality by law...?

A choice must be made, are companies moving towards an archaic implementation under duress, or will they seize the opportunity of this law to improve the hospitality of their brand and their customer relationships?

Last year, I proposed to +Georges-Edouard Dias, former CDO of L'Oréal, to develop a visual and easy to use tool to see clearly and make the right decisions in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL in France, which I contacted on this subject.

Georges-Édouard who, moreover, urges companies to seize the GDPR as a real opportunity while :

1. many brands do not know the real issues involved in this new law,
2. many others do not know how to get started.

Your main objective

Visually identify the phases and key data processes of an improved customer relationship. Then, map them to draw up a plan to improve the way data is collected during the consumer's journey with a brand.

Your weapons

This interactive decision support GDPR Map that we made to get started easily and without getting lost (it is a necessity), can be downloaded for free on Biggerplate here >

And is managed with the free software version of XMind (PC/Mac) that you can download here >

Complete guide and tuto here >

Good luck and make it KISS (Keep It Smart and Simple ;-)

+David Amerland's book #TheSniperMind is all about modern #CultureInBiz

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Magnifique Collaborative Equation.
Your unknown is you! What I often say to my little man in the picture, who is 17 now, is that "the best balance is your search for balance".

Doing it alone is more difficult. Being two is magic and we mostly succeed in natural interaction; I have to help the other so that he can help me too...

On +Google+ it's the same thing. My aspirations are partly carried by the relevance and generosity of interactions with some. This creates balance.

I learn from them (see in the comments thread) and I learn about myself that way, and I solve subjects one tiny step by a time, both on a personal and professional level...

#MyPrecious #GooglePlus #TheSniperMind and #Leadership
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Brand Hospitality Spark
My talk with +David Amerland was all about the way that People Want to Love Brands, so the need of steps to Keep It Smart and Simple online and to make happy customers offline ... >
The Brand Promise

h/t to +Michel Reibel for a brief conversation this morning that sparked off this video. The brand promise is predicated upon two very simple things. Not every brand (or indeed person) delivers on them all the time.
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Think About the Real YOU
The problem is to understand why you engage in life and everything else. But nobody really tells you before.

I would have been one of those guys in the 13 HOURS movie (watching it now for the x time). Things were "different" at my time. And I said no.

Because they teached me how to kill but not how to survive it: there is no worse punishment when you realize than inflicting one upon another human being who is fighting his own battle ...

Take advantage on your career because on your life first. Don't let your career kill you ....

Read #TheSniperMind
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#Google plus is unique for two major reasons
1. The knowledge circulating is unique and readable,
2. Exceptional active people are accessible, such as +Denis Labelle and in the list below


#Google plus est unique pour deux raisons majeurs
1. La connaissance qui circule est unique et lisible,
2. Les gens exceptionnels actifs sont accessibles, tels que +Denis Labelle ainsi que dans la liste ci-dessous

+You / You+ - Thrive On Google+
The Next Generation of Creators is Here. +You / You+ equals possibilities. The network to help bring about amazing content, network for purpose, create interactions and help people. Become a creator who helps create a network and community to provide creators the support, resources and community that allows them to excel. Network with other creators to collaborate on projects, improve your creativity, and grow your audience. Start here:

Crea+e: To Learn, Create & Collaborate, Follow >
. +Meg Tufano: Change your mind, change the world!
. +Ailea Merriam-Pigg: Google+ Community Manager
. +Dr Lew Jensen: Firestarter - Dreamer & Conjurer
. +Paul Snedden: Google-appointed Google+ Product Expert
. +Darren Huski: Wilderness Photographer
. +Kerem Gogus: Illusionist - Dreamer
. +Paul Pavlinovich: Photographer, IT Nerd, Leader, Local Guide, Gunzel, SF Author, Crea+e
. +Christina Blount: Knitting the World Together
. +Françoise Dhulesia: Google + Creator, sharer of knowledge, in Paris, France. Art lover. A passion for India, photography, culture and diversity.
. +Heidi Anne Morris: Colour Creative Visual Artist and Italian Spinone Photographer.
. +Michael Brown: Google+ Content Creator | Tech Enthusiast | Software Developer
. +Abdul Wahab: Textile Engineer, Food Lover and Sherlock Fan
. +Sonali Dalal: Photo Artist from INDIA , lover of Abstract photography.
. +Sabine Mey-Gordeyns: Google+ Create Member - photographer, writer, content creator, speaker
. +Margaret Tompkins: Photographer, Writer, G+ Advocate
. +Rachel Bakker: Google+ Create Community Manager
. +Andreas Bartels: I compute, therefore I am.
. +Ron Serina: Ron and Mary Ellen, living inside the postcard.
. +Jannik Lindquist: philosopher, luteplayer, photographer, Google geek
. +roland j. ruttledge: Google maps local guide level 10
. +Dr. Cassone: Integrative Primary Care Doctor
. +George Station: Lecturer at getting from this day to that.
. +John Kellden: Tell me a story, then let’s design #winwinwin strategies through Tea House Sequences.
. +Zoltan Buzady: Professor of Management, Global Expert in Flow - Leadership & Design Thinking, Google+ Create Member
. +Ellie Kennard: Words, Pictures, Whole Plant Based Food
. +Leo Deegan: Picture taker and a Google+ eng manager
. +Monika Schmidt: Consultant, photographer and musician.
. +Isabelle Fortin: Art Director | Senior Graphic Designer
. +Errol Doebler: Navy SEAL Platoon Commander. FBI Agent.
. +John Ward: I paint. I write. I enjoy meeting new people on Google+.
. +Larry Fournillier: Flavoring the World One Pot at a Time™
. +MK Bhanu: Discover Blogging: to leverage the internet for creative expression of your hobbies!
. +Mark Rodriguez: Photographer, animator, designer, illustrator
. +Neila Rey: Fitness enthusiast, dragon tamer, spoon and air bender.
. +Gina Fiedel: Web design & Development
. +Gideon Rosenblatt: Explorer of work and the human experience in an era of machine intelligence.
. +Teodora Petkova: A content writer in love with the Semantic Web.
. +Zara Altair: Your Voice in Words - Semantic Writing
. +David Amerland: Author, Speaker, Analyst
Crea+e Toolbox:

Creatinc: For Business, Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, Follow >
. +Mike Blumenthal: Blogger, speaker and Local Search consultant
. +Yifat Cohen: I answer the questions that Google won't.
. +David King: Google Top Contributor, Mentor & Local Guide
. +Peggy K: Google Top Contributor for YouTube, Google+, AdSense, Blogger, Hangouts
. +Spencer Wade: Trusted Digital Media Advisor: Google Mentor, Ambassador
. +Mary Stovall: Marketing Tech. Google Focused. Outcome Driven.
Creatinc Toolbox:

Creathink: About Marketing & Digital Trends, Follow >
. +Yuko Nakamura: Digital Strategist
. +Mike Elgan: The world's only lovable tech journalist
. +Eli Fennell: The Key To Social Media Is Being Social
. +Alan Stainer: Google+ Creator. Tech head through and through.
. +Thomas Morffew: Consultant and coach, focused on people and technology
. +François Bacconnet: Web Captain | Cloud Driver
. +Irfan Ahmad: Infographics Hunter . Social Media Savvy . Graphic Designer
. +Kamal Tailor: Google+ Top Contributor
. +Lee Sapara: Technology Paradigm Shifter, Cloud Mover, Traveller
. +Peter Hatherley: Synchronicity PLUS Apps, Creative Writer SEO
. +John Blossom: Globally recognized media and enterprise content industry analyst
. +Paolo Amoroso: Non-viral space & Google gems
. +Pierre Provost: Writer, direct marketing and copywriting pro
. +Eric Enge: Digital Marketing Excellence
. +Robert Wallis: Working social media for Ford Europe, G+ Top Contributor
. +Federico Granata: Google Evangelist
. +Martin Holmes: Bringing Digital Intelligence to Businesses
. +Michel Reibel: Digital Strategist
. +John Skeats: Qi Healer, Writer, and Google advocate
. +Nina Trankova: Digital Communications Skills Coach, Create member, Google Top Contributor, Community Moderator
. +Michelle Blanc: Web strategist with a purpose
. +Randy Milanovic: CEO KAYAK Online Marketing, Author, Blogger, Kayaker
. +Mark Traphagen - Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority
. +John Elstone: G+ Top Contributor, Google Photos Top Contributor Alumni
. +Dr. Cassone: Integrative Primary Care Doctor
. +Oleg Moskalensky: Productive Computer Systems - IT/Internet Consulting/Development
. +Greg Batmarx: Open Source Advocate, Biosocial Revolutionary, Brain Researcher
. +Mike Elgan: The world's only lovable tech journalist
Creathink Toolbox:

Create+ Communities - Get Inspired, Help & Support
. Google+ Help >
. Google+ Collection >
. Google+ Moderators >
. Google+ Create:
Crea+e Collection
. Community Tips and Tricks >

Join Google+ Create
. Apply here >
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Atomic Blonde
Watching this film for the xx time, coz in 86, I was a young (french) warrior based in germany ... And yeah, the 80's were unique.

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