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Michel Fitos
Putting the sparkle at the end of your to-do list
Putting the sparkle at the end of your to-do list


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This was such a delightful experience! Jeff is such a fantastic interviewer, and the whole interview experience was a pleasure from start to finish.

Who has a hypothesis? Mine has to do with narrative.
Michel Fitos shares his story.  He was diagnosed with #ADHD   and is also gender variant.  Stimulant medications helped him focus.  Michel explains, to his surprise, hormones helped, as well.  Do you have a hypothesis around why that might be?
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Here is a video put together by myself and the absolutely amazing +Sherri Cannon  - explaining how the Immunity to Change process works with ADHD coaching. 

Extra special bonus for AMAZING voiceover by +Imre Fitos .

This version includes subtitles.  
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