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Michel Alexandre Salim (Arcane Hexed Mill)
IT Manager, cross-platform software developer, Unix and FLOSS aficionado
IT Manager, cross-platform software developer, Unix and FLOSS aficionado

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via +Marla Caldwell​... I have sometimes wondered what would happen if we have a type checker for laws. And clean up all the inconsistencies it would bring up (thankless task, just look at how hard it is to close one bloody loophole) 

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Democrats opposing the Turkish coup attempt gets a Pyrrhic victory, as the purge continues
I was rather concerned when people started to come out against the Turkish coup on the grounds that it was anti-democratic. Not because I'm convinced the coup would have been a great idea, but because there were two distinct groups objecting to the coup: one on the basis of democracy, and one on the basis of supporting Erdogan's autocracy. And it was very clear which of these groups would be holding the reins if the coup failed.

Since then, Erdogan has removed 2,700 judges and all 15,000 university deans in the country, as part of a broader set of roughly 45,000 people who have been fired, suspended, or detained. (See It's quite clear that most of these people had nothing to do with the coup, which was an entirely military affair, but that the lists of known enemies were well-prepared in advance. Today, a blanket travel ban preventing all academics from leaving the country was added.

Erdogan has further announced that an "important decision" will be coming later today, which is widely anticipated to be part of an absolute crackdown on any opposition to his rule. (This is, one should remember, a country where journalists are routinely sent to prison for insulting the President)

The fact is that Erdogan has been steadily and forcefully moving towards absolute rule for years, eliminating anyone he sees as either opposed to him or (in the case of his popular former PM Ahmet Davutoğlu) simply too popular in their own right.

There may be reasons to oppose the failed coup, but protecting democratic institutions is not one of them; it is highly unlikely that any such institutions will be left by the end of this year.

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A bit late for my time zone but I'm saving this to read tomorrow
Upcoming AMA with Android engineering team, July 19 @12pm PT * /r/androiddev

The Android engineering team will participate in its first ever AMA on /r/androiddev this Tuesday, July 19 from 12-2pm PT.

This will be your chance to ask us any and every technical question related to the development of the Android platform -- from the APIs and SDK to specific features. Please note that we want to keep the conversation focused strictly on the engineering of the platform.

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Linux Journal users would include, what, a substantial proportion of top sysadmins and SREs? Way to win friends and influence people, Big Brother

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Unintentional revelation. Oops! 

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Via +Yonatan Zunger​
These are snippets from the new, post- #Brexit United Kingdom. They are originally from a huge Facebook album, and I am resharing them here because some people can't access that album.

Now, some of you might think I am posting this to make an "anti-British statement. But really, I am not.

Instead, I want to make a statement how close xenophobia and racism are slumbering under the surface of society, and how easily they can emerge.

Because I suspect... no, I know damn well that the same could happen in my native Germany. There are already significant groups pandering to hate, racism, and intolerance. PEGIDA. The Alternative für Deutschland party. And if more mainstream politicians feel that they must pander to these, baser instincts - if they indicate that displaying xenophobia is something socially acceptable - then racist incidents will surge just as much in Germany as it is now happening in the United Kingdom.

This could be us.
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Andl, a relational language that is not SQL, is coming to Postgres

I have some qualms about the language itself - syntax and runtime wise - but the discussion is full of gems. For instance, by spriggan3:

> I think many developers are just not as comfortable working with databases.

It's because databases are seen as a liability. They are often seen as complicated to test,"un-agile", hard to manage... in fact DBA used to be a job itself. Now developers are asked to be developers and DBA, which leads to over engineered application layers and under engineered data layers, or the rise of things like MongoDB.

In a world where people are trying to push Javascript everywhere, from top to bottom, SQL,schema,migrations, stored procedures, triggers are seen as a relic of the past when in fact, they are a guarantee of stability, robustness and integrity. Maybe it is SQL that should be pushed to upper layers instead ( LINQ,HQL,DQL,... ).

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Looks promising
Looking to build your DevOps skills? Get an introduction to microservices and learn how to deploy them with #Kubernetes in this new, online course from Google and +Udacity:

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Android framework running in a container on your Chromebook, preview coming this June! 
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