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According to new +Motorola Mobility contest terms moto 360 will cost 249$ (probably without taxes).
That is a nice price!
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Definitely a good price. I thought they might go as high as $299 which would still be reasonable given the importance and build of the device.
Hi Michał. Thanks for your excitement around our Moto 360 Design Face-Off contest! We want to make clear that the "Approximate Retail Value" (ARV) indicated in our rules is included for tax purposes only and should not be interpreted as the suggested retail price of the Moto 360 when it becomes available for purchase.
+Motorola Mobility Hello Moto! :)
Even in such situation it gives some information - and it is positive (because most of us were ready to hear price around 400$). However I get your point, and won't make assumptions too early. 
Good luck with your watch! Whole #AndroidWear  depends on it, or its PR at least.
+Michał Tajchert $300 makes sense for such a device but since all we are doing is speculating, for all we know that speculation could be going in the wrong direction. Considering how important this is for Motorola, they want to maximize its success and nothing more would insure that than a perfect price.
If a full blown smart phone can be had for $200 (Moto G), a (not smart) watch that is essentially only a second screen and remote control should be a fraction of $200 as it has a fraction of the parts. Anything more will be capitalizing on geek demand, and that does not equal wide spread adoption.
+Robert Le Blah Yeah. $249 is being touted as a good price, while Samsung gets berated for the $299 price tag of the Gear. The Gear has a camera, heart rate sensor (which admittedly doesn't work very well), and kinda more functions that Android Wear looks like it will have, so I'm not sure why Samsung gets the heat. These Android Wear watches have to be around $200 or less to have any lure, especially when it comes from Motorola who have, like you said, phones like the Moto G for $200.
watches and things should be 200 tops and 100 bottom. your paying alot for 1/5 of the screen size and well under on function, battery, and features compared to a phone. not sure the fad wil catch on. Heck you can get a REALLY Good tablet for 300 dollars crazy to pay that amount for a watch
I would GLADLY pay $199-299 for this amazing piece of work. 
I think if moto wants to make this the goto watch it's going to be around $199. This way they'll corner the market and make a ton more money vs over pricing it. 
the smaller the components, the more expensive they are. Prime example, you can get a touchscreen laptop....a GOOD one for $750...the same price you'd pay for a Note 3 on retail.
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