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Michał Tajchert
Android Dev and entrepreneur at, GDG Warsaw organizer, geek.
Android Dev and entrepreneur at, GDG Warsaw organizer, geek.

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With we are already a today hit on Reddit! Yay!
Take a look and ask if have any question.
#Firebase #MaterialDesign inside!

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This + emotions + twists in the action... awesome experience!
#iem #iemKatowice
#IEM2016, finały CS:GO - Fnatic vs Luminosity. Tak to wygląda;) #photosphere

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Again on Intel Extreme Masters :) 10h of gaming event!
Awesome! StarCraft 2 quoterfinals, 2xsemifinals and final + Counter Strike GO final!
Tons of people! They allow to seat on steats located even behind the scene (dark area) and put additional projectors there.
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Open API for controlling Nissan LEAF AC for any car out there... Just write down their VIN number (on a screen, visible from the outside).

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Nice view at Warsaw city center

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I mean... never mind.

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This is ridiculous...

CC +Adrian Kajda 
Help! I can't unsee this sloppy animation.
Animated Photo

I wanted to post a GIF... but it turned out that "feature" of drag&drop was removed... WHAT?
<What year is this GIF here>

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This is a must have for all UK houses out there.
Maybe some Gov grant? :)

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Can recommend. Slack+TeamSpeak (or Skype).
Perfect for gaming, very good as a Slack alternative.

Also devs are super responsive - on Reddit or their site/forum/Twitter.
#Discord #TeamSpeak #Slack
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