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I would love to be part of your circle if at all possible.
I'm an Australian artist working in sound art, drawing/painting and photography
I'm an artist and would like to be included in this circle.
Gavyn: Lea is added. Leon, you too. I'll update this circle publicly later this month.
I'd appreciate an add to the artist circle.
Hello +Michael van der Galien !! Thank you for sharing this wonderful circle!! =) Please check out some of my work when you get a chance, and it would be great if you can consider adding me to this circle* Thank you!! =)
Hi Michael, Can you had me to this circle :) I'm an animator and oil painter.
PS: I was just in Izmir like 2 days ago! Now in Ankara :) 
hi michael--would love to be added.
Hello +Michael van der Galien , I am a Graphic Artist, Photographer and budding Filmmaker that also happens to be a Musician.  I would love to be added to this circle of artistic souls and like minded creators.  PEACE, DAS
+Michael van der Galien Singularu is a social marketplace putting people who are looking for a unique objet, piece of furniture or clothing, and the artesan who can create it at a reduced price. We would love to be part of your circle, to be able to connect with design lovers and designers all the same. Thank you so much and keep going, you're great. 
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