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Apple Founder Inventor Steve Wozniak: Why I Love My Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Fascinating interview with Steve Wozniak by our friends from A New Domain. He explains why he loves Windows Phone, is impressed by Android, and of course why he's still a big fan of iPhone.


Steve Wozniak chose the Windows 7.5 Mango phone. He loves the interface. Even though that smartphone’s hardware specs are impressive — and its camera is hobbled — the phone runs best, fastest and and most reliably, he told us today. Listen to Dan Patterson and Gina Smith interview Wozniak about what he loves about the Windows 7.5 Phone — the tiles in the interface.

Quote: "It's more intuitive, more beautiful." Although AND mentions both iPhone and Android (and Steve does so as well to a degree), he compares the Nokia Lumia mostly to Android. With regards to that comparison he says: "It's no contest." About using the iPhone, he says it's "awkward" in use in some ways.

The quality of the sound leaves much to be desired, but that's because they recorded the conversation in a rather casual setting.
Steve Wozniak tells Dan Patterson why he thinks the latest Windows 7.5 Mango makes his Nokia smartphone "beautiful and amazingly designed."
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It takes some guts to admit this. It's such a shame so few people are using WP7. I believe it's because the major error in putting Windows in a name of the phone while it doesn't have anything to do with the Windows itself..
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