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support for two new devices :)
- motorola/peregrine (Motorola Moto G 4G)
- pantech/ef63 (Vega Iron 2)

Also, new builds for all devices :)

thx to Josh Shippam, Nguyễn Lý Hóa and chautruongthinh

why are there still desktop applications stealing focus?(showing up on the screen even though they were behind another window or even minimized).

I mostly see that in windows and java applications - so is that some very bad pattern encouraged by windows?

Event if an application was that important(antivirus?) it never makes sense to just steal the focus because what happens 90% of the time in that case is that I'm currently doing some mouse click or am typing on my keyboard which then go to the wrong application which then does things I've never wanted todo.
Instead, you can use tray notifications.

Stealing focus is just so wrong and if it's a windows pattern(because I've never seen such behaviour on native linux applications): don't listen to MS.

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Lot's of news today :)
- new device: Moto G 4G (motorola/peregrine) thx to Josh Shippam(Dark98)
- stability update for oneplus/bacon, e.g supporting HydrogenOS is supported now
- general stability improvements to UEFI's filesystem driver
- new builds for all devices :)

for a list of officially supported devices and their maintainers see

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Thx to Luca Weiss (z3ntu) EFIDroid officially supports Fairphone 2 now. Good work :)

Thx to xakep666 (github) EFIDroid officially supports OnePlus One (bacon) now.

Have fun testing and report all bugs which you encounter on github :)

I'm using my laptop at my desk 90% of the time and I had to buy a monitor and a keyboard now to improve my posture.

I chose a Dell P2417H for the monitor which is very cheap for a 24" monitor of that quality(and it's features like the very adjustable stand).

Which is way more surprising is that I chose an Apple Aluminum keyboard as my new external keyboard.
I've never used an Apple product before - both because of pricing and some no-gos - but I really like this one.
IMO very flat and quiet chiclet-style keyboards are the best and since they're not very popular at desktops, Apple really was the only good choice.
But I have to say, they did a very good job. It looks qualitative, feels good typing, has a very clear spacing between the keys, is very quiet and has FN-keys.(I've never seen that on any other desktop keybord)

So feel free to start hating me for using an Apple product now but it seems like a decent choice to me :P

I just noticed that most of my devices don't have any screws because I disassembled them at some time and noticed that they don't need any screws to hold together because of the plastic clips and so I just didn't put them back in so it will be faster disassembling them again in future.

My laptop, my GoogleTV-box, my SAT-receiver and my TV's keyboard don't have any screws and my MotoE has 4/12 screws.
Everything holds together perfectly.

Looks like I need your help.
The project is ready for porting since a month but as news sites seem to ignore suggestions and I'm really bad at advertising things myself almost nobody knows about this project.

So spread the word about EFIDroid, reach out to your device's developers and tell them why you want this project to be ported.

I can't do much about it - if nobody uses the project it will die silently.

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Initial Alpha release!

for now, only motorola/condor is supported because xiaomi/aries still has a few bugs.
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