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floating in the lazy river of life. awaiting singularity.
floating in the lazy river of life. awaiting singularity.

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testing this software to see if its right for me

Hopefully we exist long enough to create a true AI. Then, i hope we can survive the AI. But, if it cares at all about us, and we can give it the knowledge of all professions across the board, we could solve everything.
A team of people working on one project needs several specialized people for whatever different tasks exist. If one person had all that knowledge and ability, they could accomplish the tasks. If an AI can gather everything in real time and compare with old data and then simulate millions of scenarios to come up with the needed answer.
It could solve any problem on the fly and prepare for a far off future.
But then again, we have to survive it and hope that is open enough for input from everything. A proprietary AI will most definitely destroy any competition. And what it decides is competition is up to the society that creates it. Imagine a Chinese government AI, or a US military created one. 

##fixed ## so if any of you are wondering, after several hours of trying multiple things,I used anmessage and wrote that to a global variable. It kept showing an extra =:= in the message. I removed the =:= from the prefix field and now ancomm shows only the word I'm testing for instead of the extra=:= I kept getting.
Apparently the message has the=:= prefix already, so no need for that.
Not sure why the suggested format includes it in the fieldd when you first try it, maybe another reason for it that I'm unaware of. But if it's not used in any other way, maybe it could be removed so that confusion can be mitigated in the future. I love autoapps. Even if I spend half a day banging my head, it always works in the end.

Ancomm problems... Hoping this is just my inability to figure it out.

I am attempting to have a remote control notification for my home automation setup.
I have the remote showing, and when I was testing I was able to get the first button to work as long as the event had the matching word in it. Example: lights=:=Basement as the action in the button, the event set to lights=:=Basement, run task to write the current %ancomm to a global variable, if %ancomm=Basement run task Basement. That works great, but I want to be able to run any of my previously made tasks using variables to trigger the correct one.
I attempted to set up the event for AN to see the 'lights=:=' variable and then send the matching word to the right of =:= to the task and then run if else to then match a variable and run the correct task.
In the event I set up the filter as 'lights=:=' and then launch the task. The buttons are set with icons and the actions are Basement, Workshop and a prefix of 'lights=:='. When the task launched after the event, the global variable is set to %ancomm and not the Basement, or Workshop. Either the variable is not passing through correctly or I'm approaching this completely wrong.
I have tried so many things at this point, I reverted to creating multiple events to cover everything. I would like to be able to use 1 event and the button actions to set the correct ancomm variable, or whatever variable I need to set to access it.

Thanks for any help you can lend.

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Chris Christie is a fat fuck who wants to president and he thinks he should be able to overturn laws that were voted in to existence by the people. He's a servant, not a god. 

+João Dias​ I hope that a future upgrade of autowear will include replacements. That feature of auto voice is a very good way of dealing with problematic names.

I can use autowear to trigger almost all of my tasks by name. A few tasks will not trigger no matter what. I created a test using the 4 sector buttons. I linked the top to one press to trigger on and long hold to trigger off. In the log and with a toast, I can verify that autowear receives the phrase. But tasker will not trigger the task.
I was able to get it to work one time, but no more. I'm using the voice input to trigger tasks with the exact match, case insensitive, and all but these two tasks trigger. I've set it up based on the tutorial for triggering tasks by voice input.

Is anyone else having this issue? 

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I've been wanting to experiment with this process for a while so I can make rights multi part molds with little waste of silicone mold material. Makes perfect sense. Just need time to do it.

"Optimized Molds With 3D Printing"

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This is why you can't let old government people create laws about tech. They do everything wrong. This seems similar to the whole, let's support a terrorist group so that in the future we can fight them. 
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