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Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
Michael Wolf originally shared:
At first I want to apologize for not having posted in a while. At first I was busy with preparations for our German Free RPG Day convention and then my mental health issues kicked in again. Sigh, s...
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Edgar G
Jacob, here's a link to the campaign guide I came up with for Fate*Drive:
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Ok, #WhatsApp has been bought by #Facebook. It never has been a very secure messenger, but now that it's owned by the Facebook I trust it even less. What are good alternatives I could try to convince my friends to move to? #Telegram looks kinda nice and it's free to boot. Do you guys have any experience with WhatsApp alternatives?
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+Gary Forbis Oh well, Hike is really big only in India and Telegram is quite recent :)
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Michael Wolf

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Hmmmm... Schade, sehr schade. Da werden wieder Chancen verspielt.
Weltpolizei muß nicht überall und in jedem Fall 'mit der Waffe in der Hand' gleichgesetzt werden.
Soziale und humane Hilfen sowie politische Unterstützung wären oftmals sicher ein probates Mittel.
Die Hilfe innerhalb des betroffenen Landes ist wichtig, nicht der Schutz von Interessen einiger weniger.
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Michael Wolf

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Na klar, der beste Beweis, das Stärke vor Ort immer noch die beste Prävention ist. Bayern sollte das sofort 1 zu 1 übernehmen.

Im Ernst: es zum Lachen und Heulen gleichzeitig. Hier wird mit Kanonen genau auf die falschen Vögel geschossen.
Tatsache ist doch: der einfache Bürger wird unter Druck gesetzt, denn von dem ist kein Widerstand, keine Rechtsmittel zu erwarten; den Gangster läßt man laufen, denn der macht Ärger - was viele Berichte, viele Formulare, viele Rechtfertigungen erfordert.
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Michael Wolf

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Google Hangouts isn't working for me anymore. Is it just me or is it really broken?
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Titles for blogger widgets are having some issues too.
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Michael Wolf

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Some of my favorite scenes from Babylon 5.
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Michael Wolf

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Wow! There are still good things in this world. You can now get the original Dungeon Keeper for free on GOG!

This offer ends on Sunday, so make sure you get it ASAP!
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Guys, this post will give you perfect insight on what to expect in Dungeon Keeper (2) Dungeon Keeper 2 - This is why we can't have nice things
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Michael Wolf

Serial Drama  - 
Has anyone heard any news of Far West? According to what GMS posted a while back, the PDF should be in the hands of the backers by now. Or was there another delay? Unfathomable!
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Well hope he gets better...I'll shut up and wait I guess...
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