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Please support practical effects in films!
No one wants another Jar Jar Binks!

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This doesn't just make sense for America, this kind of greed needs to be stopped everywhere!
Pure & Simple, Greed!

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What will the 'phone' of the future look like? Interesting article:
By the way, the mind control already exists!

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This is unrealistic. Because most people have already forgotten 80% of these events... ;-)

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Cool, how Apple just proved with these pictures that Apple stole their design and the ideas from Samsung! And while Samsung innovated all over the place, Apple produced nothing new since the "original" iPhone and iPad.

Can patents like these please be dismissed already!?
+AllThingsD shows Apple's case against Samsung in three pictures.

In a nutshell, Apple is showing the court that after Apple shipped the iPhone and iPad, Samsung's phones and tablets went from looking nothing like the Apple products to looking very much like them.

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Maybe social media and oil companies don't go together well... LOL

#Windows8 introduces a few new gestures and usability concepts that aren't completely obvious.
Therefore #Microsoft should definitely include a tutorial for new users. Somewhat like the animated "Click here to start" in Windows95, but much more elaborate. Like a tutorial level in a strategy game.
They should also hire famous actors in each country/language to add voice to this tutorial.
Can you imagine Morgan Freeman narrating how to handle Windows?! That would be totally awesome!

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Rest in Peace!

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Wow, incredible that Steve Jobs would be involved in this. The stupidest "commercial" I have ever seen!
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