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Michael Wayne

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Looking into a few wide open niche markets online.
35,500 monthly searches and a CPC of .07 with no competitors... well why not! ;) #seomarketing  
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Michael Wayne

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So it's all about engagement right? I am doing an experiment with my G+ cover.

I changed my G+ cover photo to a call-to-action piece of copywriting that should appeal to just about everyone. I also made it responsive-friendly so mobile users will experience my photo as a part of the total graphic matching the rounded images.

It should increase overall engagement resulting in more followers... unless you dislike cats, dogs, money, or food.

What are your thoughts?
G+ and share, it is always appreciated. Cheers!
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+Terry Power Thanks Terry, I am seeing the same thing. I will adjust.
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I just finished my new responsive Google+ profile cover. Trying to increase engagement outside of what I normally write about.
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What are your thoughts on my new fancy cover?
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Fixed a copy error, its almost 1am. I do love the word 'and'.
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This will SHOCK most infographic fans, but it is true.
#marketing   #webdesign   #graphicdesign  
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So very, very true.  Content is king, and pretty graphics don't have the meat of a typed post.
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Michael Wayne

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Feel free to add me, connections are essential, I follow those that follow me. Cheers!
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When is the best time to post on social networks?
Here is a handy clock to remind you of the peak usage hours and social #engagement   on the  #socialmedia  networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+

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The Secret Trends of Brandable Domains Has Been Broken!
An analysis of the 700+ most recent brandable domain name sales from a private online marketplace. #SEO   #domainname   #marketingstrategy  
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Michael Wayne

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6 weeks to 6 months is such a wide scope, but it is the truth about how long it can take you to rank for a keyword. Sometimes even 9 months.
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Yep and be sure to check your competitions backlinking profile by using a tool like Market Samurai.
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Michael Wayne

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I agree, Yoast is a joke, and it's meant for the masses. I think the biggest hurdle to overcome with wordpress is the lack of ability to do proper SEO.

Plugins like Yoast are not the answer. We use Genesis by StudioPress and have gotten some good results with the basic functions of that system.

Whenever I do SEO with wordpress I have to go into the theme header files and chop away at the meta. I've even gone as far as setting up my own CRM system in MySQL to separately import the proper SEO. 

as for our site now...

We were showing up in Google SERP page #2, now vanished.
We are on Bing for multiple relevant keywords for our site page1 and page2.

We have restructured the site, and have updated the site to a blog format keeping everything in-site, with limited external links at all. Mainly our goal is to keep users on our pages for as long as possible, across all of our content.

At the moment I am focusing right now on G+ exposure to see if that helps regain some traction with Google.

Great video as always Josh, thank you for sharing.
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Be careful how you spend your time... #infographic   #seo   #contentmarketing  
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I think that well presented information is always a good thing, however most infographics are complete overkill. Using a great deal of time to creatively develop a way to present that information takes away from time to develop new ideas and business. I have seen complex infographics that could be summed up in a sentence or two.
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    I get to listen to some of the most successful web developers chat about topics that I've been scratching my head about for years. Then I put fingers to keyboard and share this information with the world. Entrepreneurs helping young entrepreneurs, and I am the scribe.
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Hoboken, NJ
I love people and I love people using computers.
If you have found yourself here in reference to a domain please message me here via G+. Thank you.

I try every day to enhance peoples knowledge base and use of excellent products that are laying the groundwork for our future. We are at the beginning of the internet revolution and businesses such as Google are changing the way we function in our daily lives. Come and learn with me as we step into this new frontier.
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