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Michael Walsh
In a world gone mad...
In a world gone mad...
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New SSD, and so I proceed to install a million games on it and go WOW COOL LOOK HOW FAST IT LOADS for the following week.

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Shoot, I didn't notice the sticker when I bought it. Well there's 20 dollars wasted.... 

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What do C3 and C4 do in this circuit?

I've been looking at the circuit schematic for an audio amplifier
that comes as a kit from sparkfun.

I want to try my hand at building the circuit from scratch, I've been looking at the circuit and I've found two capacitors that I don't understand the function of:

C3 and C4 both 0.1μF- connected in parallel and they seem to just be connected to VCC and grounded. They can be found on the right hand side of the schematic below the STA540.

Can anyone tell me the purpose of these capacitors?

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So doing this.

+Tris Stock​, the google tells me it is your birthday, happy birthday. You were the first person who I ever formed some kind of connection with on Google plus, it was a while ago and you may likely not remember, but thank you! 

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My electrical semester one final.

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Let loose and sing at the top of your lungs! 

Our Fantasia: Music Evolved Billboard Challenge is almost over, don't miss out:

Art by

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Let it get to the intense bit.

Definitional, the thing that makes me.
So critical, a thing you won't see.
It's hypothetical, am I really crazy?
Or is this just normal for me?

I don't need to cover them with lies
Well placed so that they hide
There's a kind of sick, a kind of pride
Me standing there In my tiger stripes

It was my day to day, all I knew
I hid away and dug my hole
I saw the lies, believed them true
I hid away, I cut right through

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