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What's the easiest way to get around the Data studio message about it not being available in your country, what is everyone else using to get this done simply ?

I miss the old YouTube trends section that covered SA, just saying :-(

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Why oh why are you turning off the YouTube trends dashboard :-(
Thanks for using the Trends Map and Trends Dashboard! Unfortunately, in the coming days we'll be turning off these tools, but you can always find the latest trending videos at

The replacement one isn't as usefull..

Any further details on this exam Google Digital Sales?
Would really like to get all our sales folks to take/pass it.

How do I manually set the enhanced e-commerce tracking steps in GTM.
Say for instance I am hitting the cart page that shows the baskets items and there is no data layer being set, and I merely at this stage want to set this :

Checkout Step - Enhanced E-Commerce (cos): 1
Product Action - Enhanced E-Commerce (pa): checkout_option

How do I go about setting this in GTM as I looked and couldn't see a place to set this in the tag area?

Once the user then proceeds to checkout I will then set the products and values into the data layer via a custom JS macro. Any pointers on setting the macro up correctly greatly appreciated.


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Quick Q - Why do non pofits to get Google grants have to get verified by  ? Then odditiy is when you select SA does it bounce you here : 

Has anyone else gone through this process?

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GA doesnt give me the site that I need to link to. So in my Search Console I have the web property verified (via DNS) and its listed all fine there. But when I go to link it via GA the property isn't listed for me to select only lists others. Is there anyway to see if the property is linked to another GA account via the console - that's the only thing I can think that's happened? 

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Now what's the migration timelines going to look like ? before the classic is no longer supported ?

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Hell YES lets keep it free !!

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Nice article on basically getting a life outside work .. mmmm... I must try this ;-)
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