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As you know, today exactly one year ago at 2:46pm, a big earthquake hit Japan. This was one of the biggest ever recorded. I could see what this did to a house in Sendai. Nothing was left at it's place inside. Luckily the house is still usable but needed a lot of repair. The house of the neihbour had to be taken down.

Also, I think everybody has seen pictures from the tsunami, that resultet from this earthquake, hitting the north eastern Japan either on tv or newspaper. It destroid more than 70.000 houses and more than 300.000 persons needed to go to evacuation centers.

Unfortunately the focus of the media switched quickly to the problems at the fukushima atomic power plant, completely forgetting about the people effected by the tsunami.

Being now for more than 4 weeks in Ishinomaki, I see everyday how much the media failed and fails to report about the real situation here. Still today, so many are struggling to find their way back to what we would call a normal live. We do our best, but more help is needed.

Also from Fukushima, at least I have not seen it, there is no mention in the mass media what the current situation is for the people that needed to relocate out of the security zone.

So I hope, everyone is joining us today to spend some time in memory of the many people that died, and think about how you can help the even more people that lost their family, home , friends and/or work, still in need in Japan.

Let's work together on this:
Miyagi Prefecture
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