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Wonder how effective this would be.
Today is the day we Reset the Net! It's been one year since the Edward Snowden disclosures hit the news and the whole world woke up to the scale of mass, indiscriminate Internet surveillance -- a spying campaign that was only possible because our own tools leak our private information in great gouts. Reset the Net provides you with a technical, political, and social toolkit to harden our Internet against the spies; and Boing Boing is proud to be ...
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You're like a Minecraft Bob Ross....

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The music in this video is epic.

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Does your skin tingle when you hear the infamous "ba-doop" sound when increasing your Gamerscore? Have you ever bothered to collect every single last one of the trophies for a given game?

Here's my take on modern gaming and the bane of my existence, achievements.
I'm not what you'd call a casual gamer, nor am I hardcore. I fall somewhere in a strange realm that's hard to define, but I'm going to attempt to. You see, I'll basically play a video game when I h...
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Jeff, you're the shit man.

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This album shows the painting progress of the thumper figurine I received from Red 5 Studions' game #Firefall   at PAX-E 2013. 
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Thanks. I do have a small Tau army.
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Lechon Liempo. It looks damn good. 
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Totes jelly :b
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Michael is a (tabletop and video) gamer, as well as an avid reader of comic books and science fiction. He writes about these things for and Follow him on Twitter or add him to your circles on Google+.
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