This event hosted by +Gapps Oy was rather innovative in that most people in the room had never been in a hangout before. +Jaana Nyström set herself a challenge when she took her second hangout-on-air ever into an auditorium with a room of people.  This was streamed live directly to YouTube.

There were several challenges to work on and the best part was making sure the preparation was done well in advance.
I didn't learn of the P.A. system being on site until it was time to run, otherwise the two mic setup for the MC could have just been one with an adapter from the sound mixing board to the hangout.

Fortunately this event went off without a hitch and ran for 1:09:00 with a viewing audience who were a little upset when it ended(wanting more).
If there is an event that you are planning that either +Ronnie Bincer or myself can help you with, please ask.

Here is the setup I used in the  #HOA  :

Finland's first Hangout On Air public streaming

All with home equipment + rented mics...  Our own 4G router.

I wasn't part of the Event organising, so just drove in the morning the 300 km from my home and was hoping for the best...  :-)
Luckily I had two professionals to support me in tests and the actual HOA: Thanks a million +Ronnie Bincer and +Michael Tucker!
If you ever need to do what I did and are not a HOA pro, I suggest you hire these guys to help.

The loudspeakers and the size of the room came as a surprise. THe host had to have 2 mics in hand, one for the loudspeakers and one for the HOA. In the beginning he started without the other one, but made a nice joke about the whole thing...

Oh, the room was full of the Media people, many were also watching in YouTube. I'm glad all went well!

All the images are here:

The YT video is here:
Senja Opettaa Ruotsia! Kirjanjulkistus

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