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If you've downloaded the new Google Maps for iOS, how is it working out for you? Noticeably better than Apple Maps, no difference, or a downgrade? Let's hear all about it.

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It's definitely faster on my iPhone 4 with iOS6 than the one I had on iOS5. I like the design, but Apple maps trumps Google in this regard. Sadly, I live in Taipei and none of the maps apps really works perfectly here, but Google is still the best choice. I kinda like Nokia's Here maps, works very fine, too, but sometimes lacks the information I need. I use Apple maps for the satellite images, they are newer that Google's. I can only say that at the end iOS users won, despite the uproar in September and October. I have now 3 pretty good maps apps on my iPhone and now there is some real competition, which means we'll get updates faster than before. I'm very satisfied.
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