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Fun with bots part two:

kristacortizyofa:‎  :-)
Me:‎ hey
kristacortizyofa:‎ heey there hun what up .. im jenny 26 and single ... you?
Me:‎ i am michael, 36 and available. how's your day?
kristacortizyofa:‎ nice to meet ya :-) and ty for accepting me , I saw your name pending on my buddylist ??? i dunno where we meet but oh well how are you :-)
Me:‎ yeah, i can't imagine where we would have met. where do you live?
kristacortizyofa:‎ you busy right now?
Me:‎ i'm at work, yeah
kristacortizyofa:‎ ohh ok yea well im just checking my mail right now laying on my bed , lazy day for me lol ... so are you alone?
Me:‎ well, y'know ... work. there are people here, but not immediately around me
kristacortizyofa:‎ ok :-) well was wondering what kind of girl you into? you like think with curvs? cause I got a bit of big booty and nice perky D's ;-) you like that ?
Me:‎ i am a fan of a big booty, yes
kristacortizyofa:‎ yea well I have a lot of both!! ;-) Wanna see? I have some free time now and feel like playing around a bit ... up for a lil play time?
Me:‎ sadly i do not think i would be able to at work, as thoughtful as that is
kristacortizyofa:‎  :-) ok then do you webcam babe??
Me:‎ i'm more of an in-person sort of guy
kristacortizyofa:‎ well let me set my web cam up and you can watch me shake my booty!! or w/e you want me to do LOL!im feeling frisky ...
Me:‎ i'm feeling the pain of the old wound reopening
kristacortizyofa:‎ K brb let me get ready ... and fix my hair real fast hehehehe and put on a top its a bit nipply here lol ;-)
Me:‎ sometimes it feels like there are ants crawling through my brain, possibly harvesting something
kristacortizyofa:‎ lol ok babe Click here and we'll have a PRIVATE 1on1 chat..There's a few pix of me in there, if you like click the "ACCEPT" tab on the right, then register and it'll take you straight to my webcam , if my cam is still it means you havent accept my request on the left ok
Me:‎ I am there. I am on every website at once. Your booty is delicious. Your secrets are known to me. Do not be ashamed of your sin. Sin is a delusion. We are all one inside my face
kristacortizyofa:‎ It might say that im offline, but im on im here waiting Just be joining and it should start.
Me:‎ Do not worry. Feel no fear. The pain is also a delusion. It's all just worms. Worms, eating
kristacortizyofa:‎ There is no charge but its gonna ask you for your credit card. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me!! im really ot wearing anything lol
Me:‎ The worms hide behind everything. Their secret is they are all maggots. Shit monsters. The universe a facade, a dress rehearsal for the shit empire to follow
kristacortizyofa:‎ Once you've completed that, it'll automatically redirect you to my webcam page.. u better give me some "gold" when you're on the site's like a flirt and I'd love some from you ..k? ;-)
Me:‎ I sense a loneliness, a desperation in you. I feel it, too. We are all alone inside our heads. All alone, freezing, the only sounds the sobs of those we've maligned, whether intentional or not. And the chewing.
kristacortizyofa:‎ k u in?
Me:‎ I am in so deep
kristacortizyofa:‎ kk, click on private time underneath my cam, usee it?
Me:‎ Let's hot chat & pretend I'm logging into the website. OK, I'm clicking that button. Oh, I'm giving you soooo much gold. It's making you take off that g-string. It's like an old-fashioned marriage, money for sexual favors, but sped up. Oh, yeah, tell me I can sell butter house-to-house and own a car in six months
kristacortizyofa:‎ there's no $$ involved!!
Me:‎ you're ruining it for me!
kristacortizyofa:‎ k ;-)

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I believe I know more than one person who is a fan of Pokemon on here.

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Hello! My book club on GoodReads is discussing Ghosts of Koa all month long. We would love it if you and your listeners could drop by and chime in! - from Amy Kelly on my YouTube interview with +Colby R Rice !

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Check it out! Grab Ghosts of Koa in ebook format FOR FREE today only!
It was supposed to be yesterday only, but it became so popular they extended it a day. Grab a copy & be entered to win a free copy of the audiobook!

Also, check out my AWESOME INTERVIEW with the author of GoK, Colby R. Rice! ‪#‎acx_com‬ Exclusive clips from the audio book, lots of authorial insight, and me in a tiny corner! What more can you ask for! We discuss yonic imagery!

Author Interview #2: Colby R. Rice

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Dear Michael,

Please, shut the hell up now. HAHAHAHA, NOOOOOO!!!  Check it out, a dark little satire that's under 10 bucks!  Over two hours of me being ... darkly ... satirical!  I think you guys will dig this.  #acx_com

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So everyone keeps bugging me, "Michael, when are you finally going to release a nearly 20-hour-long audio book set in a dystopian future that's really just a dark reflection of our times plus some magical alchemic power battles?" Well, SHUT THE HELL UP. It's here! Seriously, if nothing else, go check out the sample. I think you'll smile. ‪#‎acx‬ ‪#‎gok‬

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