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Hello, When is the deadline for Fall 2016 program? 

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I just noticed this rule "All grades labeled as core and elective courses within a student’s specialization must be B or better" in Program Info page

I've sure that there are a lot of online students who have full time job and family with kids .. Do you guys get the grade A or B in your exam? If you got C or D without failing the exam then is it allowed to re-take the course for the sake of getting the grade A or B? 


1. I like to know when the university will be accepting new students for 2015 (Fall?).. 

2. And also, I read from FAQ that we need to finish at least 36 hours to get graduated.. How many modules do we need to take? 

3. Last question, I am curious about what there are two exams for one module.. I attended different online courses from different university but most of the modules have only one assignment + one exam or one assignment + one project (no exam).. 

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