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Join us to be part of the first nationwide photo walk held anywhere in the world! We're almost at 600 confirmed Google+ photographers already.

Sign-up here to register now:

Calling ALL Australian photographers. At 7am (AEDT) we're kicking off the 2nd official Google+ photo walk in each capital city, as well as many regional cities across Australia. Photo walk leaders have been arranged for most locations, however, if you would like to put your hand up and offer to help, please leave a comment below.

We're extremely fortunate to have Channel 7's +Weekend Sunrise program covering the photo walk LIVE ON AIR! Last but not least, we may have a Google+ photography celebrity joining us on the day... I'll leave +Brian Rose to fill you in ;)

Please share & +1 this post widely so we can get the word out to all of Australia to help make this event the biggest photo walk in the world. If you do re share this post please encourage your circles to post their comments directly to this post so we can answer any questions anyone has.

Remember to follow the walk via the hashtag #TheWalkDownunder :)
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Can we out in really remote areas join in also
I had comments on my reshare about your post saying "At 6am (AEDT)" and the form saying "At 7am (AEDT) "
+Michael N Sutton, so excited that you tried to squeeze for an hour earlier. You should know that most people are not like us. Heaven forbidden. That's alright, we might get the golden hour at the other end of the day. Just have to settle for golden hour on the train heading in. ;-)
I will however be in Sydney many hours before burning up a few quite dark spots #lightpainting
National Photo Walk is a great idea. Thanks for the effort you are putting into this +Michael N Sutton .
Those in Perth are pretty keen getting up that early.
Thanks for clearing up the time confusion. We were wondering if it was going to be 5am or 6am Brisbane time.
For those interested in other areas like the Gold Coast, will there be a list of other locations people suggest and numbers for those new locations? The response form shows 5 listed as "other", but we don't know where.
Yes I will do a post on Sunday night summarizing where the numbers are at and who the leaders are etc
I just wanted to say that it's cool that you're helping organise this, +Michael N Sutton. At first I thought you worked at Google, but it doesn't look like you do, so yeah, kudos. :)

Is there a G+ page for this (or things like this) yet? No pressure to make one; just asking.
Would love to join the Melbourne crew. I'll be on holidays so a great time to do this. Will check the schedule a bit closer to the date, but so much on at the moment I can't think forward that far :)
Now I'm confused. Is it 6am or 7am? I'll be in Adelaide, I was thinking I had to be there at 5:30am (ugh)
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