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WOW, sit on this Apple

Apple (I tried to plus you in on this post, but you dont exist) need to pull their heads out of the sand and start getting involved in social media, yes Apple everyone knows how big you are and how much money you have, but, start interacting with your users, your not replaceable you know.

So I know there wont be any Apple representatives reading or commenting on this as they are not allowed to interact with us on Google+, FACT

(yes we all know you can put a Nano on a wrist band Apple)
SONY has unveiled an internet-linked wristwatch powered by Google-backed Android software.
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They certainly look pretty cool +Darryl Mouzone would be nice to see a black band though, Dick Tracy is even closer.
Dick Tracy watches with hangout video capabilities would be neat! I'm wondering which will get used first on photowalk hangouts. Google glasses or Android watches with video cameras?
With all the social networks already, Apple having a social network may lead to more of a split in current acquaintances with Apple vs. every other company that they sue.
I was only talking yesterday about the possibilities of Apple having their own social network, maybe it is a long term plan of there's and may be the reason they dont like their employees using social networks, I must admit I am being turned off them a little, they really need to pull their heads out of their backsides and start "Socialising" with their communities, it seems to work very well for Google.
Ping doesn't sound Apple enough they should have put the "i" first and called it iPng
Not sure why you claim Apple "need" to get involved in social media... seems to me they're trucking along just fine without it...

As for the watch... neat, but hardly groundbreaking, there've been variations on this around for some time. It's a REALLY good way to drain battery power from your phone... annoy you by having yet another device that craves a daily recharge, and for what? because your pocket is just SO FAR away? and it's SO HARD to whip your damn phone out? meh.
that watch is so cool is it real? if it is where do you get them from
kewl new watch but why do they keep inventing new stuff like every 24 hours gosh we cant keep up with tecnology
I'm tempted ... Even lists galaxy s2 as a compatible handset...
Wasn't there a windows watch around 2005ish? Ran .net compact framework and talked to windows mobile 5. A bit slow to react eh +Michael N Sutton
Although my income comes from working with Microsoft product +Paul Pavlinovich , it not too early to say MS is now rudderless. I have Windows 8 for beta install and have dutifully created an installable USB stick and quite well know how to make a .VHD file system but I have done it for a month. The boat anchor Outlook is heavily used by corporates particularly because of Shared Folders that Google Apps Email for business does not do, but other than that feature, as a PIM, it is losing ground because WMP (Windows Mobile Phones) are dead in the man-on-the-street sphere. There is news of a Nokia Lumia selling for USD 99 but it has not reached Australia and I have no awareness of any app or $5 buck per app market. The phone business is somehow linked by association to the Windows business and the Office business although very strong, is losing the personal touch. When was the last time anyone showed your a wow Word, Excel or Access trick (and I teach them). Sharepoint has become another Lotus Notes - all promise of empowerment to the user but actually tightly supervised by corporate IT.

I hope to be more optimistic. I do.
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