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Vivid starts this week, who wants to come along to the official Vivid 2012 photo walk being held by yours truly?

Hasktag for the Vivid photo walk will be #vividsydneypw

#PhotoWalk #Sydney #Australia #VividSydney
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Should have the dates tomorrow, just trying to get them cleared with the Finance Department/Domestic Engineer
Sounds like fun, im in, been meaning to go check it out the last few years.
Would love to join in, will wait and see what dates you come up with :)
Definitely. Keep me posted of dates & times.
Will have to wait and see the dates, but I will be going down at some stage. What is the flickr group for if you have to upload to the website?
Hashtag for the walk will be #VividSydneyPW
+Rod Landaeta That is the official Vivid group which I administer, and yes it is one of the sites to upload to, however I also encourage everyone to upload here as well as you will get far more exposure here than on Flickr, saying that, anywhere is better than just on your hard drive.
Ahh Vivid Sydney again, awesome cant wait.
I'll definitely be heading down from Newcastle for this.
Yes, keep me in the loop. Just not the long weekend. That's my daughter's 21st.
Steve R
Saturday is looking to be dry...
Love vivid. I went last year and had a fantastic time.
I might have a sneak peak tonight but will definitely be in for the walk! 
I am thinking of heading in tonight... plus I will do the #vividsydneypw ... I may go a few times...
Skies are clearing & it is looking good!
Might need a jumper though.
Saturday night shot with a few people around!
+Michael Sutton the Sydney Google+ snappers are asking about the photowalk too!
Don't forget to check the Walsh Bay side this year on the other side of the bridge, a little quieter.
N2 post:
It will probably be Wednesday or Thursday
If it's Wednesday I'll definitely be there :) Won't be able to make it on Thursday though
Thursday sounds good.
I might head in too +Grant Galbraith so will give you a shout when I get there.
What time do you plan to get there?
OK I wont get there until just after 6 anyway.
Will drop you a text to see where you are.
Catch you then!
darn and I have a poetry reading I agreed to go to, slaps head.
Will try and make it about 6 
I was thinking of heading in on Monday night but do have my gear so may be worth a re-think.
Should we say anyone that wants to see the lights tonight (Thurs) of Vivid to meet at the steps of the Opera House at 6:30pm?
Top of the steps as there is a bit of work going on round there at the moment.
Look for the people with tri-pods!
ha, ha, ha, ha from what +Francis Gorrez mentioned recently about his visit to Vivid you might find a sea of
I'll wear the google hat on the Opera House stairs +Grant Galbraith +Keith McInnes +James Lunan. See you all there - now to buy a tri-pod. 
Hi all, I have a few issues I am trying to sort out, I will try my hardest to also get along tonight, Ive decided not to do an official Vivid walk this year due to having overseas visitors with me for most of the Vivid festival.
No worries mate. Was a little concerned but I now know why, you're understandably busy. :-)
That's it, decision made, I will see you guys tonight at Vivid. :-)
+Keith McInnes I'll go straight from work and will prob get there between 5.30 and 6.00. I'll call you when I arrive.
Have a good night guys, looking forward to the results
I'm sorry you can't be there +Michael Sutton. I'm gunna try to catch a sunrise down the Nulla over the weekend if it's clear.
I know where you are old mate. ;-)
By +1s scatterd around here, does that mean that you may be considering joining us +Locky Downing. It would be about time to meet. ;-)
Yeah +Keith McInnes mentioned the Opera House steps at around 6.30. I need to findout where to park.
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