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If you want to get involved and be on this walk, register by either clicking on the heading or the green icon, if you are in an area that is not on the form, message myself and I will add the location to the form.
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Hopefully we can get some more support for the Brisbane walk
Cool, we have a possible 8 so far, that's the ones that have replied on here and a couple of extras I have found
and the Northern Rivers walk will be in Ballina I think - I'll be working on the route this weekend. I'll try to get the CBD and river/marina into one walk so it should be diverse & interesting. Only a few people "interested" so far, but now I have a date I can really get to work on it!
no mate - thoroughly disorganised - but now to spread the word! BTW - can we approach local camera business to participate as well? or would the "big boys" object?
I'm really disappointed to miss the Sydney PhotoWalk as I'll be in a conference in Adelaide, but I'm determined to do Adelaide instead. I may miss the first lecture on the Saturday morning, but I can live with that. Looking forward to hearing from Adelaide participants; I may even persuade some others at the conference to come with me!
Hey - if any celebs are interested, get away from that city smog and come on up to Ballina, enjoy the north coast beaches while you're here :)
ok i have registered on the official page now that i am at home :)
We are going to rock it in Perth... Join us : )
Awesome work putting this one together! I'm in! :)
I have only one thing to say +Michael N Sutton, where are those bloody discharge papers. Happened last time and is happening again. If your going passed the sydney football stadium I'll wave to you. :-(
Thanks Michael! I just reshared and added date :)
the Brisbane route will probably be one of these 3 suggested by +Jason Almeida

i've had a look at a map and as far as i can tell there are 3 routes we can take. walking across the story bridge then the length of the kanagoo cliffs, through the city and across victoria bridge, or up through spring hill and passed roma st park lands through grey st bridge

hope that helps anyone thinking of coming to the Brisbane event :)
And again with the photowalk on a work weekend for me, haha, ah well one day I'll get to one.
+Debbie Stephens There are so many faces I need to put to names I just hope I will be able to get a few shots
+Michael N Sutton you didn't forget. Thanks champ. On Sunday I will be releasing the updated Aussie State Circles. Unfortunately there are a lot that haven't filled in their profile. :(
Yes, +Mykal Hall, it'd dry-ish here (as dry as our wet season ever gets) but we are hoping for a fine morning for the Photo Walk! :-)
lucky I read you comment +Brett Gibson other wise I would have never clicked on the green icon and signed up.
I am in for the Brisbane Photowalk. I have submitted the form and shared it on my profile and my Business page as well, I will also spread the word to some friends and see if they are interested. Looking forward to this, its going to be awesoooooommmmeeee.
I'm happy to help organize the #Perth Photowalk. I propose we walk from the foreshore up towards the Bell Tower, into the CBD via London Ct and then into Kings Park.
+George Torouno I was only saying to +Brett Gibson Ive had them supplying my broadband at home for many years and couldn't be happier, "Go Optus" +Optus would be nice for them to put some posts on their page though.
I'm on Vodafone Australia too. I know there are a lot of "Vodafail" haters out there, but they've always done me proud.
Magari potessi Esserci! Adoro l'Australia ... ma e Un po 'Distante DALL'ITALIA. mi accontenterò di vedere le vostre foto
Out here in "the bush" unfortunately Helstra have the monopoly; Floptus is getting better, but Vodafail is simply not in the race as far as coverage is concerned. And, yes, +Karen Pluto Bogpond is the one to hate everywhere! :-)
do we know how many are registered in Brisbane as yet??? just wondering :) also with the +Weekend Sunrise coverage, is it just going to be in Sydney?? again just wondering :)
Guys so far we have 10 people registered for Brisbane. Weekend Sunrise will be giving all of us coverage, they will be showing the most visually appealing photos.
i have got maybe 2 or 3 that want to come but they arent on Google+....will that be a problem??
+tony porter - my thoughts on that are "all welcome" since, if they are not (yet) on G+, when they meet other fantastic photographers and want to keep in contact with them, they will join. And getting people to join is what Google is sponsoring this for. But they should be told, not on G+ means no registration means no G+ goodies, and they can't upload images to Sunrise, so it really is worth them signing up before the event. Of course, that's not in any way an official response, and Michael or someone from Google might have other thoughts.
no probs thanks Trevor and Michael :)
Can I ask that if anyone registers for the Northern Rivers NSW (Ballina/Lismore) walk - can they please let me know so that I can add them to my Northern Rivers circle. That way I can keep them up to date. Thanks. +Northern Rivers Photo Walk
Opps, I think I signed up with the wrong profile link. Just re-signed up.
This is a dumb question, how do you know you've signed up?
I'll leave it as it stands then... I did click submit and rather than seeing "You have been registered" or something like it, I got a page with what looks to be stats for those who have also registered.

Just a bit concerned I guess.. don't want to miss out :)
Hi +Peter Lavender, when you entered your details into the application form it will have followed with thank you and then directed you to see others that have registered. If this is what you saw than your application should have been successful. You could check the list to ensure that your name was included however I am not sure how you get back to that screen. Hope that helps, for what its worth.
Thanks +James Lunan I missed the thank you as I walked away from the computer as it was going through, to be honest I don't even recall clicking on submit as I wanted to check what size shirt I'm wearing these days.

I was hoping to jump back to the registration page to just check my name was listed...

I must be getting old and dopey these days. :-/
Anything happening in Brisbane? If so, could anyone point me towards more information?
No I havent. Only just read about this 5 minutes ago from a Google guy's reshare :)
Do I need to register in a certain place for the Brisbane one? I still have to make sure I'm off work before I can completely commit :)
Register by clicking the heading on this post, it's Nationwide on the 31st March, a lot more information will be posted over the weekend, once you register you'll be added to a circle and messaged
Your all good +George Torouno I will be sharing a circle tomorrow of all those so far registered and will updating it every few days
Not as yet waiting on artwork hopefully within the week
I'd really like to see if anyone is interested in a Townsville walk -
+Robyn Morrison there will be new circles shared tomorrow night and when I re-share them I will put the word out.
I am more than happy to help with Melbourne's #theWalkDownunder ! And I'm hoping that some of the other Melbournian +ANZ Student Ambassadors will be there too :)
I'd say that Trey Ratcliff may be more likely to come to a photowalk in Australia when he moves to New Zealand. Fun, though. :)
Hey +Michael N Sutton, any info yet about when the Sydney photowalk may wrap up?

Obviously people can leave whenever they want/have to, but a rough idea of a time makes it easier to schedule things (like transport). I know you do have more info to come soon.
Still waiting to finalise catering will be making an update post on Tuesday.
Hey All, after your register via the link at the top of this chain - are you supposed to get a confirmation email? Not sure if i deleted one by mistake or never received it............T
No you wont get an email +Tony Pretty but you will get a notification that I have added you to my circles.
Nothing for Newcastle. :(
Alas, no. Not for me.
Hello, I did register awhile back, but how do I check if it is confirmed? I am from Singapore and but will flying in from Melbourne this week. Do hope you could help me with this, this would be my first time in Sydney :) Cheers! Can't wait to join the meet!
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