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A brief description of a man.
A brief description of a man.


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Finally, someone has noticed that I run a nice blog. And that someone is very persistent, and spams me on a regular basis with the same request: insert a marketing message in one of my existing posts. For money. It's a novel concept. Sadly, I basically don'...

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Giving Up on Twitter
I've been on the fence about this for a while now, and it's finally time: I'm giving up on Twitter. I've written about my growing dissatisfaction with the service in the past, notably when they switched the icon for favorites from stars to hearts . That sti...

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.next 2017 in DC
Just a few observations on the Thursday keynote and a few sessions at the .next 2017 conference in Washington, D.C. Location, Location, Location The conference organizers picked a great spot for the event. The Nutanix .Next conference is a young tech confer...

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Wandering Wheel Bug Nymph
I never get tired of this insects. Then again, they've never stung me.

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American Carrion Beetles
A few things: these beetles are simply amazing to behold. They're large, their colors are vivid, and the intricacies of their mottled wings captivate a hobbyist's attention for longer than I'd care to admit. Of course, they are also wickedly predacious, hab...

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Mr. Cole, Please
David Bowie died while I was stuck in traffic in Baltimore, which is probably an OK place to be when someone who's work you've, on occasion, admired, dies. You can bet on the local listener-supported public radio station to quickly assemble a memorial playl...

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How to Read Documentation at Work
Reading. It's awesome. You're doing it now, and good for you. Also, thank you. What you may have forgotten is that reading is more than just pointing your eyes at some text and recognizing that text as language. Reading incorporates comprehension of what yo...

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Charles Town
We’ll follow a sparrow, an owl, and a hawk, You’ll scrawl all your visions on vacants in chalk, Then I’ll carve a totem I cannot explain, and we’ll never go back to our old house again.

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Wheel Bug Nymphs, Again
You've likely got a few hundred of these in your back yard. They're nearly too tiny to see for the first few weeks; you'd have to know where the eggs were laid to find them. But in a few months, these Wheel bugs will be big enough to command your attention.

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Periodic Cicada
Maybe you've read a few articles in The Washington Post lately about a perceived early arrival of the infamous 17-year periodic cicadas . Or maybe you've read some from Vox re: the same phenomenon . Or maybe you've heard Mike Raupp talking about the same . ...
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