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Simplified #infographic glossing of key social practice concepts, each of which bears further consideration but provides a good 'jumping-off' point. It's got moxie!
Infographic: Succeed on Social Media with Good Etiquette

Created by +Clarabridge, this handy infographic teaches digital marketers how to practice good social media etiquette.

Key highlights:

/// Social Media Dos:

• Use a Cherry, Familiar Tone: If you sound like an advertisement, people will ignore you like one. If you sound like a person, your followers are more likely to pay attention.

• Initiate Customer interactions: Only 26 percent of businesses fully integrate social into their business strategies. Make some headway on social media by starting a conversation with your followers.

/// Social Media Don'ts:

• Put off responding to your followers: On social media 72 percent of consumers expect a response within one hour - and 47 percent are likely to recommend a brand that is responsive on social.

• Only Talk about yourself: Score some points by engaging your followers on the topics they're discussing, humanizing your brand and forming a lasting impression with your customers.

Read it here:

#infographic   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips  
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Michael Stricker

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Happy to Announce the Release of Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015 by +Moz

I'm excited to announce the results of Moz's biannual Search Engine Ranking Correlation Study and Expert Survey, a.k.a. Ranking Factors.

This is the largest study of this kind we've ever undertaken, including our Expert Survey of over 150 professional search marketers, and a ranking correlation survey of over 17,000 keywords.

In addition to the classic signals we've studied in the past, this time we worked with 3 data partners including +SimilarWeb +Ahrefs and +DomainTools to study additional correlations.

The Expert Survey also includes valuable insight into Google's broad algorithm, negative ranking factors, and the future of search.

Take a look, let us know what you think!
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Michael Stricker

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Some people get so focused on rankings that they forget what great SEO is all about: marketing. Through applying the principles of guerrilla marketing, Marcus Miller shows how great marketing makes for great local SEO.
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Michael Stricker

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Running a Panda report this morning comparing impact from Panda 4.2 to prior Panda hits. Although there's not widespread movement from P4.2 (and there's really not), there are some sites seeing impact. Here's how to run a Panda report:  #seo
Note, this tutorial works in conjunction with my Search Engine Watch column, which explains how to analyze the top landing pages from Google Organic prior t
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Michael Stricker

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Somewhat rainy day here in London :-)
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Michael Stricker

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Somebody moved your cheese
Those of you using the Google Webmaster Tools Python script to download query data will need to upgrade to the Google Search Console API by October 20th.
Earlier this month, Google introduced the new Google Search Console API and it was expected that legacy methods to export your data from the Google Search Console would go away, eventually.Well, Googl
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Michael Stricker

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Over 65% of online publishers engage in Native Advertising. It's common, but, is it right, or, is it effective? 
Sergio Aicardi of The Miami SEO Company wonders about the value of Native Advertising.
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Michael Stricker

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It looks like the first batch of tools that use the Search Analytics API is coming - here's "URL Profiler" with its integration. 

I've been using the API to pull out query trends to our forums, which is a fun exercise, and wouldn't have been possible through Search Console directly because of how our forums' URLs are structured (40 "sites" per product/language forum that need to be combined). 

Who's next? What else could or would you use the API for?
The data you can pull together in URL Profiler is almost everything you could ever need to make decisions on content – link metrics, social shares, visitor counts, indexation, duplicate content, mobile-friendly, readability scores, even PageRank! (for those that still insist on using it…) But there has always been one thing missing – ranking data. …
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Michael Stricker

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Leverage The Power

If all you ever do is use HootSuite to share to Facebook or Twitter, you're missing out!

I must say, "leverage" must be one of my favorite words. I love talking about how businesses can or should leverage something.

Because it's important, isn't it? This concept of taking full advantage of the resources we have available to us. Yet so often we don't, and I see this all the time with +Hootsuite

You're already paying for the tool (and if you aren't, you should consider it). Why not take a few moments to get a better understanding of everything you could be doing with it?
If all you ever do is use HootSuite to share to Facebook or Twitter, you're missing out. Find out about many of the more powerful aspects of HootSuite that you can leverage for success.
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Michael Stricker

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Check it out, Google Maps now supports plus or location codes for places without addresses.
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Michael Stricker

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Dave Kerpen shares 11 ways to optimize LinkedIn for business: #SlideShare
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SEO & Social Media Strategist is a fancy name for a guy who uses analytics, research and experience to help websites gain all of the organic traffic they're entitled to. I like to think of it as "adding value to search engines".
Online Reputation Management. Social Media, Growth, Engagement, Influence. Conversion Optimization and User Experience (UX). Consulting, Training, Teaching, Mentoring. Presentations, Decks, Interviews. Google Organic Search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Panda, Penguin, Manual Penalty prevention and recovery. Link-Building, Profiling, Vulnerabilities and Remediation. Keyword Analysis, #Hashtags and Trending Topics. Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Metrics, KPIs. Reporting, Audits, Analyses. Content Marketing, Blog, Rich Media, Video, Photos, Curation.
  • SEMrush
    Marketing Director, 2014 - present
    Helping digital marketers discover and control the leading research tool for Competitive Intelligence and perfect online campaigns. Connecting search marketing competitive data with a community of experts in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Data Research, E-Commerce, Social. I've spoken at ClickZ Live (formerly SES), Etail, ASPDotNetStoreFront Conference and SMX East, and contributes to blogs such as, and publications including Philadelphia Inquirer and Philly Ad News. Bringing SEMrush promotion to bear, with 200K+ E-mail subscribers, 30K+ blog Readers, and a vast social graph. The combination of personal and SEMrush brand is a strong combination for mutual benefit... voice for us, and new visitors for you.
  • MSDesign
    Consultant, 2013 - present
    Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • WebiMax
    SEO & Social Media Strategist, 2010 - 2013
    As a Digital Marketing Strategist consultant at WebiMax I made it my mission to bringing a targeted and motivated market to websites, then serve those visitors with conversion goals in mind to achieve the best business results (ROI). As I grew from Project Manager, then Sales Support, SEO & Social Media Strategist and finally, Digital Marketing Strategist, I was a dynamic part of growing this online marketing agency, one of Forbes Most Promising Companies, and twice awarded the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies. • I created strategies that improved business metrics and thus, KPIs, for B2B and B2C from SMB to enterprise. Those strategic marketing plans led the SEO, Inbound Marketing, Content, Design, Development and Social Media teams. I trained clients, inspired and instructed their teams to attain traffic, increase impressions, grow reach and market share. • New profit centers grew, including the agency's Reputation Management practice established under my tutelage, expanded and improved Social Media offerings, effective Conversion Optimization auditing, Link Profiling and Google Algorithm and Penalty prevention and recovery. Most of these operations began as extensions of my Consulting work. • Peers and consulting clients know me for bringing exhaustive research and masterful, personable communications to relate actionable strategies, creative concepts, scalable processes and do-able tactics geared to achieve business goals. A creative with formidable analytic skills, I bring a unique perspective to my profession.
  • Marketing Communications Studio
    Independent Consultant, 2009 - 2010
    • Worked with clients and/or firms on corporate identity issues, wrote website content, company one-pagers, and other marketing strategies • Lead and facilitated projects on branding and positioning briefs • Designed, Developed, Edited and Managed corporate websites • Supervised investment meetings and coordinated with support staff • Responsible for outlining product development process, provided a work calendar detailing project deadlines, delivered a complete report of findings and recommendations • Utilized email and CRM to manage business contacts, clients, contract renewals and sales leads
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Helping digital marketers discover, control and perfect digital marketing campaigns.

I spend my days connecting search marketing competitive research with a community of experts in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Data Research, E-Commerce, Social Media. 

Talk to me! 

Meanwhile, I am... 

  • Enabling consultants, agencies and brands to discover and control the web's most versatile, innovative suite of data tools to perfect their digital marketing campaigns. 
  • Helping to evaluate and guide innovation with new market-matching capabilities in the tool. 
  • Leading the content marketing team as we publish and tell the success story of big data using the best value among web-based online marketing dashboards. 
  • Increasing lead generation exponentially with our integrated, multi-channel marketing. 
  • Doubling readership of our expert blog thanks to professional editors, influential authors and coordinated E-mail and social promotions. 
  • Setting records for lead generation through speaking, exhibitions and webinars. 
  • Stimulating new partnerships for brand awareness and demand generation with big digital advertising brands. 
  • Demonstrating mutual benefit with promotional partners. 
  • Expanding authority and expertise with cooperative content producers. 
  • Opening new channels with education and training providers, developers, consultants, agencies, data scientists. 
  • Amplifying the brand's voice through earned national media and public relations. Sharpening effectiveness of paid advertising through placement, effective communication and calls to action. 
  • Championing measurement of KPIs through Analytics and setting of goals. 
  • Defining funnels for provision of inbound content and collateral to advance prospects through the customer journey. 
  • Reaching out for strategic development initiatives that prove the value in our crowd-sourced genuine search data from 25 nations around the world.    

Bragging rights
Speaker at ClickZ Live (formerly SES), Etail, ASPDotNetStoreFront Conference and SMX East. Author, contributes to blogs such as, and publications including Philadelphia Inquirer and Philly Ad News.
  • Network Learning Institute
    Net+ Certification, 2009 - 2010
  • Internetwork Learning Institute
    CIW Web Professional, 2009 - 2010
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