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Shooting expired film at the Daytona 500. Amazing photos!

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I See... People

To get a better understanding of the new Google People API I created a small (of course Polymer-based) demo, since playing around with the API Explorer can be cumbersome.

This demo will fetch one "page" of results from the people.connections.list method and display the raw JSON for each contact.

You can then click on "load full data" to fetch the rest of the contact information via people.get for each contact.

In this blogpost you'll find some of my takeaways from what I've seen so far.

Great replacement for the old Contacts API, not really adding much value when working with Google+ contacts.

#gde #googleplus #googleDev #polymer #opensourcecode #productfeedback

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Apps Script lets you programmatically manipulate data in Google products such as Gmail, Docs and Sheets via a high-level JS API.

Unfortunately it's been a bit tricky to use for anything non-trivial: you needed to edit your scripts in a somewhat clunky web interface, and the options for invoking the scripts, providing input and receiving output weren't all that great.

There's been a few changes to make this better recently though.

First, it's now easy to give the scripts standard REST endpoints:

Second, there's now a CLI script that you can use to upload your scripts into the cloud, meaning that you can use your favorite editor and version control tools to manage the scripts: 

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At least they're not introducing a new mount for this, but I really don't get what game Leica are playing with all their different mounts and models. Where do they get the money to develop so much mutually incompatible kit? +Ade Oshineye

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People of San Francisco: the DNA Lounge's Second (?) Cocktail Robots Grand Challenge happens July 12th!

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Great post by +Fyza Hashim on the design process behind Trello's new Android app, which goes all in with Material Design, whilst retaining Trello's own look and feel.

(I think the blog itself is an excellent example of how to write an official blog, by the way--interesting content, and well-written & edited.)

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Finland. Created with VSCO®. 

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So charmed by Bill Murray singing along to Bob Dylan and happily watering his dead plant.

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Interesting approach to sign-up email verification by Yo (slide 36): on OS X at least, they use your native email client to send an email from you to them.

I suppose this means you can "verify" any email address but as long as it's only ever used for account recovery this might work out okay, and it eliminates one async round trip. (You can't use it to send invitation messages like: "Your friend,, has invited you to join Yo.")

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When we break camp the next day to return to Shushenskoye, I'm surprised to see that the campfire is left smoldering. It's a hot July day, which would be bad enough without the helicopter's rotor wash blowing everything all over the place, but the risk doesn't even seem to register with Alex, central Siberia's most powerful firefighting official. In the U.S., firefighters would douse a fire on an ice floe in the dead of winter, especially with journalists around. But here they play the odds the way they see them, and perfect safety is burdensome and unnecessary. Fire shelters and fireproof clothing? Too expensive, but that's OK, because the odds of needing them are low. Seat belts? Impractical. Thousands of times you will buckle and unbuckle, and probably for nothing. Campfire? It's not going anywhere.
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