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Let's talk about elementary-tweaks. If you don't know who I am, I'm the developer who ported and rewrote elementary-tweaks to work with Freya. If you have tweaks installed, it's probably from my PPA.

First of all, like most of my other hobby projects, I just don't have time to be maintaining it right now. I currently only occasionally boot elementary OS up in a VM (not because I've lost interest in elementary, still a wonderful project), and as a software developer, you always want to be eating your own dog food. This means that if you install elementary-tweaks from my PPA, you are installing a piece of software that is unmaintained.

Second of all, I want to make sure that you guys know that the semi-official position of the elementary team is that elementary-tweaks is a poor idea for the reasons outlined by Daniel here:

While I do disagree with some of his points, they are all valid points that you should at least consider.

Third of all, I am willing to transfer ownership of the elementary-tweaks project to another developer if someone is interested so that the option remains for knowledgable users. Having options and customizing your operating system is what elementary started as, and I would hate for the community to lose that.

Tweaks remains semi-usable right now, I believe, but, let me caution you again, it is unmaintained. I would consider looking at other options if someone doesn't pick it up.

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A vastly improved somewhat working (!) prototype of my as-of-yet-unnamed system-monitor. What do you think that we should call it? I didn't get many name suggestions last time.

Any feedback or ideas? What do you think about the design so far?

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Just wanted to share a sneak peek into what I've been working on the last couple of days. It's way early days and basically I'm only just starting, but I just got processes to start displaying and updating in real-time, which I thought was pretty cool and I wanted to share.

Basic, rough, design inspired by the thread over here: 

Obviously, there are a couple things that will be changing shortly as I continue to develop:

- Application rows will render with their icon.
- Sub processes will be shown (i.e. chrome is only showing 1 process now, it has a lot more), that'll affect total CPU/Memory usage quite a bit.
- CPU and Memory usage underneath applications will be added up into a summary on the application row.
- Processes not associated with an application will be shown underneath a sub-heading like: "Background Processes".
- CPU/Memory usage is estimated with the roughest of calculations and will need to be verified.
- Buttons and filter will actually function.

Oh, and my bug over at elementary Icons for showing the wrong 'process-kill' icon at 24px (that ugly grey one instead of a red one) is here:

Are there any mockups for a elementary-style system monitor/process manager or anyone interested in making a such a mockup? I might be interested in developing it if there is interest and a compelling design.

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You asked for it, elementary-tweaks can now adjust the window controls in Freya! Want the minimize button back? You can now!

* Caution: May stop working at any point as Freya matures.

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I've resumed development of elementary-tweaks for those of us running elementary OS 0.3 Freya, taking over for the great work of +Michael Langfermann  "versable". Thanks to +Blaž Mežnaršič  for holding the torch for a bit as well and hosting a patched version.

The new version has been slimmed down and has been extensively refactored to be much, much better internally (down ~1000 lines of vala and counting!). It utilizes the newest elementary tools for Freya and the Freya libraries. Make sure to report any bugs or feature requests on the project page! Again, this is a development version of a tool for a beta OS, so it may not be the most stable thing in the world. I will continue to work on refactoring the old code and making sure to write some documentation for contributing code.

I've set up a daily PPA so that you can try it and installation is the standard process:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mpstark/elementary-tweaks-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install elementary-tweaks

Again, please report bugs and request features on the project page!

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Trying to automate builds of a resurrected and rebuilt version of elementary tweak and push them into a ppa, however the build is failing because of a missing dependency for libswitchboard-2.0-dev, saying that it can't install it because it's a virtual package. Seeing how I can see that all of the other switchboard plugins aren't having this issue during their autobuild, I'm at a loss.

It builds just fine on my machine with debuilder. I've attached the buildlog.

Any ideas?
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