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Michael Starks

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Thanks, Sphero!

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Here's our latest short movie. Enjoy!

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Is the Reputation Economy almost here?

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Here is a new webinar that I recorded for software developers.  Enjoy!

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I had a blast attending the Inner Dimension event last night. This new web series is going to be awesome!

We got to preview the first episode. It has great acting, amazing special effects, and an intriguing story. I can't wait to see more!

Please contribute to one of the best independent Colorado productions out there.

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We're excited to launch a new website.  Take a look, and let us know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks!

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Check it out!
Proxima Centauri Games is an indie company making space-related games and sims. Our first product, an arcade-style game based on the old asteroids concept, is expected to launch imminently.

It's something to touch the lives of about two million people. Here's a quote from a fan of LEGO Universe.

"Hey,its me,__ from the LEGO fair,and i have a question. How could u POSSIBLY End LEGO UNIVERSE?!?
It's MASSIVELY awesome according to everyone who plays it.
It's MULTIPLAYER which allows me to team up and have more fun than any solo game.
It's ONLINE which allows u to do crazy cool stuff.
It's SOCIAL which lets me make friends online,not being physically social,and its not facebookI hate facebook,I'm not sure why.
It's a GAME!

You CAN'T just end it like thaaaaaaat!!! Do what you can to keep it ALIVE!!!!
And if you can't please make something even better.
Thank you."
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