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Building a touch table shouldn't be expensive.
$1K for the 46'' monitor
$1K for the multi-touch (
$1K for the PC that its connected to.

Add in a multi-input library like mt4j ( for program specific usage. Otherwise, Ubuntu has multi-input support at the operating system level (
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Ya, but there are other design requirements than just a working touch surface. The MS Surface is designed for office use, and needs to be fairly robust, while the touch tables from Ideum ( ) are made to go into public areas, so making an idiot-joe-public proof enclosure is going to be 3/4 the cost of the thing. (I really like the Ideum tables...)
...oh and double or triple the price of the PC because 'must run windows' is in the design spec :)
I agree. The table proposed by the above methods would be used primarily as a gaming table or "GIS" table due to the lower cost.
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