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Shoot me if you must, but Super Mario Run has been released on March 23 on Android! Technically, you could play it via Genymotion on Linux (I actually do this with Star Wars Force Arena). I figure I can get away with it if people are allowed to post Windows games running under wine.

Anyways, its the first mario game that I know of that has been developed for a non-Nintendo OS and its made its way onto a Linux derivative OS! That says something about Linux and of course Android!

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Lara Croft Go just came out with FREE DLC!!!! If you haven't purchased Lara Croft GO yet, now is your time b/c its 50% off until March 11th.

I have this game and its really fun to play (in short periods of time). It works great with a mouse or a controller (xbox 360 in my case). I personally choose playing on my desktop with mouse. My kids enjoy playing it on the TV with the Xbox Controller. Like the Hitman Go, I can't progress a level until I have collected all of the 'urns'. Which keeps me playing a lvl a bit longer than normal.

Its fun, get it now :P

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Does anyone have any experience with the Tie Fighter Special Edition playing on Linux? Seems its purchasable via GoG (attached link) or Steam (

GoG says there is a linux version, not sure if its through wine or dosbox.

Here is what I know about the different versions:

1994: original game came on floppies
1995: collectors edition cd rom (I bought this one)
1998: special edition for win95 (I also bought this one)
2014: gog released with a few updates

Is it worth buying the gog version? What about the steam version?

Thanks for your input. Also, the x-wing game has similar releases ...

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Greetings Everyone!!

Today, I have released the latest versions for both the smartwatch and android app. The android app is in BETA though so you need to be signed up to the beta channel. The watchface has been released through the pebble store. I will post a direct link to download the watchface from google drive (no idea how long the store will continue to exist).

Android Release Notes

Watchface Release Notes

Direct Download Link for watchface:

Let me know how this works for your. If you have any problems, please post here.

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This is big. Anyone with a vive, pull it out of the box and give it a try!!!

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I was able to get transparent backgrounds now working on the icons!!!!!

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I have been working on color settings for a while now. I finally have a prototype system in place. This video shows the progress.

Notice, the icons do not have transparent backgrounds (the background is black). I ran into problems with transparent backgrounds last year. Perhaps instead of using a transparent background, I could set the transparent color to the background color (accomplishes the same thing). I will need to look into that.

Once I have the backgrounds of the icons sorted, I think it will be ready for a beta release.

What do you think?

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There is a new special event for Dota 2. It looks to be a horde mode (co-op). Now is a great time to get into dota especially if u don't necessarily like competitive play. That means u LGC!

Version 2.4.1 has been released today. This version changes the way plugins work once again. The 2.3.x version's plugin code still was flawed and didn't work properly when deployed using a puppet master. In 2.4.x series, the entire ckan ini files are managed by puppetlabs/inifile puppet module. This provides us with the most flexibility in managing the ini file and also allows for single run deployments on a headless or puppet server platform.

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** Rant Warning **
I was looking for games on steam and noticed that ARK: Scorched Earth - Expansion Pack was on the top sellers list. It looks as if ARK is not in early access. I thought, when did ARK come out of early access, surely that would be big news.

So I clicked on the game page and looked for any signs of early access. Nothing. No tags, no labels. I could only find user reviews that talk about it being early access.

This is utter bullshit Volvo. Volvo needs to fix this shit. Early Access DLC should be labeled early access shit. It shouldn't be masquerading as if its DLC for a released title.
** Rant Off **

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