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Latest update on Project Dashboard!

This is way long overdue because I've been busy rewriting the backend to greatly improve the performance of the app.

I've been busy focusing on the phone version of the UI. I got rid of the tiles on the phone (they'll still be used on the desktop) because I don't want the user to scroll through miles and miles of irrelevant information. Instead, I've separated it into two tabs (design stolen from a mockup of a system app :), Pulse and Overview.

I've also implemented Pull Requests and events for issues/pulls. Plus there's the awesome inbox feature!

I didn't do a video because there are still some issues with the new backend that I'm working the kinks out of. I'm hoping to release v0.2 within the next day or so (v0.1 was never publicized because the performance was soooo bad).

Sadly, I'm probably not going to have time to make a Launchpad plugin before the competition ends, but I'll definitely work on it after the competition ends.

#ubuntuappshowdown  #ubuntutouch
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2 years later Github bought Project Dashboard for $2bn
Wow. Look at how much you've done! I hope someday you could write a post describing your experience writing the UI/UX.
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