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Be the Change You Want to See
Be the Change You Want to See


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So What About the Evolution of Blended Learning
Learning is inherently about experiences. Whether in a formal school setting or in our everyday navigation of the world around us, humans learn through experiences that move us emotionally. As teachers and learners, we know this intrinsically. When we think...

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Help Wanted - US Secretary of Education
The United States is currently looking for a Secretary of Education to oversee the US Department of Education. Since I am trying very hard not to get sucked into the negativity surrounding American politics right now, I'm going positive. Here are the things...

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"Never forget why you decided to become a teacher. There will be many distractions throughout your career, but each day when you walk into school you have the opportunity to help children see their power when they use learning to make the world a better place. Teachers don't just make a difference; they give others the skills to make a difference as well. There is no better or more important job you could have."

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Some of the world's most recognized educators and teacher leaders will discuss teacher leadership and how we can create the environments we need to empower teachers. 

Panelists include: 
Naomi Volain - Presidential Award winning science teacher & 2015 Global Teacher Prize Top-10 Finalist

Glenn Robbins - 2016 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year

Melissa Morris - Grammy Music Award Winner and GTP Finalist

Mark Reid - 2013 MusiCounts Teacher of the Year and GTP Finalist

Mairi Cooper - 2015 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year

Jelmer Evers - Author "Flip the System", Two time GTP Finalist

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LOVE this video about our Distance Teaching Project with +livingstone kegode and +Cheery Centre from PSEA. 

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Leave Time for Serendipity
Today, my 4th grade students were supposed to analyze data from NASA's Climate Change website . I wanted them to look at real data and to have conversations about what it meant. I wanted them to draw conclusions and make predictions. That's what today's sci...

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5 Takeaways from the 2016 Global Education and Skills Forum
It's been a week now since I was sitting on stage waiting for Pope Francis to announce the winner of the Global Teacher Prize. Looking back, my whole experience in Dubai at the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) and the Varkey Teacher Ambassador Summi...

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Global Teacher Prize Trip Report - VTA Summit Day 1
I was so tired last night that I couldn't bring myself to write this trip report before bed. It didn't much matter because I had a tough time turning my mind off and sleeping after a day of incredible conversations, but at least I was laying quietly in a da...
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