There's been a discussion about this on the Yesod mailing list, but I thought I'd open it up to the general Haskell community as well. We're finding it is very difficult for new users to get up-and-running with Yesod, because they need to:

* Install the Haskell Platform. That itself can be non-trivial at times, and certainly non-obvious for a beginner (do I use the one from the repos? but it's out of date...)
* Make sure they have updated build tools like alex (language-javascript requires version 3, but the HP ships with version 2).
* Actually install Yesod with Cabal. Due to dependency hell, this is very problematic.
* Sit and wait for everything to compile. I wouldn't have thought this is a big deal, but I've seen a few blog posts/talked with a few people who simply gave up when compiling took more than 10 minutes.

Any thoughts on easing this process? We're considering trying out Nix as a better way to install GHC+cabal+Yesod, but I'm not sure how that's going to go. We're also looking at creating new build tools to avoid dependency hell, but forcing Cabal to use "blessed" versions of packages that we know work well together.
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