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For those Chromebooks that will have Android app support without a touch screen, how is pinch to zoom handled? can you use the touch pad? or better yet a mouse and click combo?

I can't uninstall the app. When I go into settings to disable administrator, unchecking the box crashes settings. All other app adminstrator access check boxes work it is only automate that crashes my settings. I tried rebooting and clearing the phone cache but it didn't fix the problem. I also booted into safe mode with sane results. I reset the setting in the app also. I can't uninstall the app unless I can remove administrator access for it.
Im hoping you have a fix for me, I'd hate to have to wipe my phone to uninstall.
Running marshmallow 6.01 on a Nexus 5

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Can anyone identify this watch face? I found it on an old Android Central blog post..
I couldn't find the original source anywhere so I recreated it in Watchmaker. I'm going to make further tweaks and modifications and I would like to give the original author credit for his work.
I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could point me to the source for this face.

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The terrible reality of what some people do. 

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The reason why zoning is such a hassle is that our economic society needs upwardly mobile citizens to comply and invest in consumerism.
They are afraid of what might happen if people decided test the boundaries of what is needed to live comfortably and within their means.

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How many things have you said no to?

"Why Steve Jobs called Jony Ive ‘vain’"
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