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73 UR (including 9 LR) + 6 Dokkanable URs
Complete nuke teams

Gogeta SA7, Broly SA5, STRSS3 SA 4, Beerus SA3, STR SSG SA5, SS3 Vegeta SA3, TEQ Turles SA7, PHY Bardock SA4, PHY SSB Vegeta SA3, SSB AGL Goku SA9, AGL Spirit Bomb Goku SA4, PHY Spirit Bomb Goku SA3

TEQ SSB Goku, TEQ Cell, TEQ Pikkon SA2, Android 17 & 18 - SA2

All farmable cards are of course MAX SA

Clearing my stock, all fresh Broly + 1 SSR accounts! Premium SSR summon still unused! All flat price of $20 - $15 for returning customers :)

#1 STR Broly + STR SSJ Goku (Family)
#2 STR Broly + AGL SSJ Gohan (Family)
#3 STR Broly + STR SSJ Goten (Family)
#4 STR Broly + Majin Vegeta
#5 STR Broly + AGL SSJ Goku (Future LR)
#6 STR Broly + TEQ SSJ Vegeta (Future LR)
#7 STR Broly + INT Perfect Cell
#8 STR Broly + AGL SSGSS Vegeta
#9 STR Broly + AGL SSGSS Goku

Returning customers, please text me first for stock availability before sending your payment. Thank you :)

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(JP & GLB) Fresh accounts, GSSR unused
$15 each
I'm new in this group but I've sold over 50 accounts on other forums, check my testimonial and buy with confidence :)

(HOT) GLB Broly double SSR accounts:
* Broly + Family Kamehameha
* Broly + Kaioken Goku

(HOT) JP Broly/Gogeta multi SSR accounts:
* Gogeta + Gotenks
* Gogeta + Broly

Accepting requests
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To admin:
Perhaps a pinned list of trusted sellers will be good, yes?


For sellers: Do we really need to post the screenshots everytime? It's making the page messy and cluttered, in my opinion. We could always send the screenshot by private messages, no? I've sold dozens of accounts without any screenshots.

Save your money with these fresh GLB Broly + Family Kamehameha accounts! Flat price of $15 each - $24 for 2 -$30 for 3

1. LSSJ Broly + SSJ STR Goku (Broly) Available: 7
2. LSSJ Broly + SSJ AGI Gohan (Broly) Available: 8
3. LSSJ Broly + SSJ STR Goten (Broly) Available: 5
4. LSSJ Broly + Kaioken Goku - Available: 1

PS: I'm 12 hours ahead of US time so chances are I'll be sleeping when you're awake and vice versa. Expect late replies.

* To make things fast (for returning customers only), you can just send payment to my Paypal with notes and I'll send the codes to the same email. 

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AGL Golden Frieza > Gogeta

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Join the SSJ Gogeta-Gotenks club! Why waste time and money with rerolling and failed summons when you can get the duo for only $15? 

*PS: might reply late due to Chinese New Year, please message me which number you want and I'll see if I can reserve it for you
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Today's GLB catch:

1 Broly, SSJ Goten (Broly) SOLD
2 Broly, SSJ Goten (Broly) SOLD
3 Broly, SSJ Gohan (Broly) SOLD
4 Broly, AGI SSJ Goku SOLD
5 Broly, AGI SSJ2 Goku - $10

Paypal only. Thanks
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