Trying to cause something to happen?
What do you desire, you know many folks with good ideas just about make it before they give up!  Not too many can mount a successful drive to start or expand a business on their own.  How do you network?

We  are as good as our matrix, the consortia of relations completing our enterprise, a value associated with our gain. 

Best in all you do!

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Desire Covet Crave Indulge

"I don't know what to do, I don't see how any of this can help me because it is a rigid technique and I don't think any crystallized technique will benefit me or my organization."

Of course it depends on what you want to achieve!

What do you really itch for? You have a desire to be part of the group and share your ideas, products or your enterprise and services.  You want some help to begin or enhance your experience gaining reach. You want to demonstrate your unique offering and support other great initiatives you love.

But you would have to ask for it and participate in it.

If you want something one thing's for sure do have to ask for that which you crave or reach out and indulge ....or at least make some noise about it! 

Folks are always better in groups that have mutual support and stand on a common ground with charters pleasing the majority.  

In a well aligned group the I'll scratch your back and you scratch mine works well and is very much alive.

Unless folks are observed to scratch themselves, we cannot say they itch.  

Have you ever itched without scratching?  Was your itch unscratched any less real or more real than the itch you scratched? If you have an itch that you don't indulge and resist to scratch, it is usually way more real than the one that is scratched.

Observed or not your itch or realistic goals are attainable with the right support tailored for you. You can build your own support network and we'll help you in the best way we know how, in community.  

Do you wish for assistance in your activities?  Nobody can observe it, often the best ideas are not shared and until an idea is shared how could anyone know they want to help with the mission.

Do not assume that the stages in the community and course factors constitute a guarantee. They do not, they are simply a catalog, a curation of methods and practices the PRO Community has been observed to do.  There is nothing rigid or crystallized in this curation of facts to aid integration.

The only guarantee given here or methods too achieve are garnered by being open in all humility to the group in which ever ones you choose and take the decisions of the community to heart, they know all the methods and use a good many!  

The action you need to take consists of joining the PRO Community, opening up and introducing yourself and then we perform the guidance and coaching knowing exactly what to do by audit.  The best success is found in those folks that work the hardest, testing and trusting all choice of method, learning it while learning to trust the PRO techniques and application.

If you need any help or have any questions don't be shy to ask. I will be heading out of town today but I can support you from anywhere, be back this evening. Good day and all the best in all you do.

Best regards,

Image by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

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