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I just volunteered to run a 5e[1] game out of my campaign world at the local public library for teens/adults board game night.

gulp We'll see if they say yes.

[1] It will be an OSR-ified version of 5e. Because... healing rests, inspiration rolls and attribute checks to breathe still don't mesh well with how I play. So we'll see...

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Moving update - The new gaming area in the new house is HYUGE! That's a 5x8 playing space. Now I have to unpack all the rest... #dnd #moving #gaming

You know this move is happening when I've packed up my whole minis painting/terrain workshop. Movers come tomorrow. We move in on Monday. 

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Inspiration for a creepy #dnd #adnd #odnd monster. Found on Facebook.


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This is a fascinating story. #Adapt #Improvise #Overcome

Enthralled by "The Man of Legends" by Kenneth Johnson. Reminds me of Casca, but with a very gripping story. #mustread #summerbook 

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Another fae from Ral Partha - Air Sprite. Really WIP - he's glossed over so I can paint the cloud without any oops. A few more details, some varnishing and basing.

In the back are two more Ral Partha fae that I've started - quicklings. These are very much 15mm size!

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Hey Chgowiz? Why so quiet? Moving!
It's summertime! And with the coming of the warm weather (90 degrees already in Chicago? WTF? I thought climate change was a hoax?!?) comes another auspicious day... moving day. Yep, after 13 years of living in Chez Shorten, I'm moving on up to the way-the-...

Wow, the Wonder Woman movie was amazing! And it will have an impact on young girls for the rest of their lives, if my two granddaughters are any indication of that.

I have to shake my head at the disparagement - so undeserved. 

Praise for +R.J. Thompson who was a great seller to deal with. Thanks!
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