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Randale rund um die Apostelkirche (ganz schön was los hier)
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scapsen beim leveln :-) #ingressselfie
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Einmal gründlich durchgewischt
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Ich hätte drei invites für inbox by gmail anzubieten, falls die jemand haben möchte, ...
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Wieder richtig mobil.
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Hamburg says: TheBaMs 4 Elite V
I want to apply for elite v, because i founded the craziest, coolest and most awesome resistance community ever and these guys want to see me in the elite v

here are some of the crazy guys from the Hamburg Ingress community , blue as well as green players!

big, big thanks to the hamburg ingress community - that convinced me of applying for elite V and contributed the following text without my knowledge:

"Ingress Resistance Hamburg" is the G+-Community of the Resistance Agents in Hamburg Germany, with about 550 Members nowadays. It was founded on 7th December 2012 by an agent called “TheBaMs”.

TheBaMs has invested a lot of time in creating and growing the Community by helping other agents to level up faster, by organising regular meetups, by introducing agents to each other, by organizing all sort of events, by moderating conflicts within the community, by motivating other agents to take on the role of an organizer, event-planner or “trainer” for younger agents - he established hangouts and fought real hard in the field for the resistance, so “bamsen” was soon established (and still is) as a synonym for “using bursters on green portals”. 
When TheBaMs had reached level 6, he calmed down a bit, focused on the community and stopped his insatiable chase for AP - instead he helped other agents to get AP, so they could level more easily and follow him on his way to level 8. Although he still focuses on helping others to gain AP, he got 19,2 Million AP a few weeks ago..

He is well connected to other Ingress-Communities in Germany and all over the world, representing the Hamburg Resistance at its best. He shares his knowledge and supports other agents and communities without showing off - most agents not involved in organizing all kinds of resistance events have no idea of how big his contribution to many local and also global events was - let us tell you - its enormous!

He soon got the nickname “Papa Schlumpf” (Grand Smurf) as he was always caring a lot about the Resistance community, about his fellow agents (aka smurfs) and about Ingress in general in Hamburg. 
He is now reaching out to the final achievment, the ultimate contribution to the very core of Ingress - Community, by raising the next Ingress generation from the very beginning as a parent.

There are a lot of events that might be suitable to represent his engagement for Hamburg, for Ingress and for the Resistance - we’ve chosen a few out of that:

Pure Blue
2013-11-29 - Hamburg Resistance turned Hamburg complete into blue in one move

Member of Unight8 
2013-11-15 - Build L8 Portals and make a Link throught the world

Birthday Candles for TheBaMs
2013-09-20 - Hamburg Resistance built 32 (green) lvl8 candles to celebrate TheBaMs 32th birthday

Member of BlueLand Over Hamburg
2013-08-26 - Operation to cover Hamburg with a multilayer field

Operation Voynich
2013-07-19 - The Escape of Carrie Campbell - Hamburg Resistance won :-)

A Member of Unit8
2013-04-30 - building lvl8 portals in 7 countries

First blue L8-portals in Hamburg
2013-03-01 first L8 Building Event

Operation BlueScreen
2013-01-12 First big leveling event in Hamburg

These are just a few reasons for Resistance Hamburg to proudly support TheBaMs’ application for Elite V  - tell us if you need more - he really has to be a part of it!

And here are some funny and interesting facts about TheBaMs from the Hamburg Ingress Community:

Chuck Norris spoofed at ingress to keep up with TheBaMs!
When TheBaMs fires a burster he counts untill infinity to get the +20% bonus!
TheBaMs build fields with 2 links. Everytime!
TheBaMs never has burnout!
TheBaMs can place 5 mods!
TheBaMs hacks minimum 15 items per portal!
TheBaMs doesn’t need key for linking!
TheBaMs hacks VR Turret and VR Force Amps!
TheBaMs does not need Ingress. Ingress needs Bams
TheBaMs can play Ingress without his mobile phone!
Frogs sleep in TheBaMs Pyjamas!
TheBaMs knows all portals, even before they are accepted!
TheBaMs does not apply for Elite V. Elite V applies for TheBaMs 
TheBaMs doesn’t need a Virus to flip a portal!
TheBaMs has no limit for items!
TheBaMs created a field between the Earth, the moon and the sun!
When TheBaMs plays ingress his battary charges itself!
If TheBaMs submits a portal it’s instantly online!
TheBaMs knows what happens in the hangout, without even read it!
If the game schould change Niantic calls TheBaMs to get his approval! 
TheBaMs sees opponents on the scanner!
At first the “ADA Refactor” should have been called the “BaMs Refactor”, but TheBaMs was against it!
TheBaMs never spends xm!
The TOS outrage against TheBaMs 
TheBaMs programmed Ingress while having a break!
TheBaMs has heatsinks, wich reduces the waiting time to zero!
TheBaMs can link grey portals!
TheBaMs Burster always have 21 % bonus!
TheBaMs has 200 meters ultrastrike!
TheBaMs can deploy two level 8 resos!
If TheBaMs does not have any Burster, he just fires Resos!
TheBaMs can link even when it crosses another link, other name it anomalie!
Ingress was invited by TheBaMs !
TheBaMs hacks extremely rare items!
After the black Badge, there is the TheBaMs-badge!
TheBaMs knwos the allcomm inside out!
TheBaMs can play ingress with a nokia3310!
TheBaMs became lvl8 in 10 minutes… because he gives the other ones a competitive edge of 9 minutes!
TheBaMs resets your City!   
TheBaMs invented the “enlightened”, so its not getting boring!
TheBaMs finished ingress twice!
The Intelmap shows TheBaMs all portals, in each zoomlevel!
TheBaMs can link portals inside of a field!
TheBaMs can see stats, even in private profiles!
TheBaMs can use passcodes twice!
TheBaMs posts in the allcomm secure!
TheBaMs reboots the server, instead of use “force sync”!
TheBaMs hacks keys, even he already has one!
TheBaMs can link from one portal more than 8 times!
TheBaMs knows every player personally!
TheBaMs posts in alert-tab!
The scanner of TheBaMs is never out of date!
TheBaMs can turn a portal twice an hour!
The message scan failed, means that TheBaMs is arround!
TheBaMs portals are always accepted!
TheBaMs links around ther world with only one link!
TheBaMs can upgrade resos before the portal is full!
TheBaMs deploys mods in grey portals!
TheBaMs fires burster without scanner!
TheBaMs just asks TheBaMs for help. Only himself can help him!
TheBaMs is invited in every hangout, even by the opponents!
TheBaMs even builds green portals!
There cant be a complete list of the TheBaMs-facts, because he always makes new ones!

And last but not least here is an album with the most awesome and funniest moment wich i experienced in one year Ingress:

#ingress   #ingresshamburg #resistancehamburg   #13Magnus   #EliteV  
+Anne Beuttenmüller  +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +ingress +Niantic Project 
application for elite v
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Nun gut, bei mir steht das Wasser erst ab 15m gestiegenem Meeresspiegel vor der Tür, aber auf einer Insel wohne ich dann schon länger.

lustige Seite +Nicolai Schaaf 
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Ich hab mit +El Padre und +Toralv Dirro beim X-faction Stammtisch noch mal über einen Punkt gesprochen, der Ingress so spannend macht. Nennen wir es mal: pseudonymisierte Hyperlokalität.
Klingt giftig :-)

Gemeint ist: man lernt bei Ingress neue Leute aus seiner unmittelbaren Wohnumgebung, bzw. der jeweiligen Umgebung, in der man sich selber häufig aufhält, oder die über eine ausreichende Mobilität verfügen kennen, mit denen man sich also sehr einfach des Öfteren vor Ort persönlich treffen kann. Hinzu kommt - zumindest in Hamburg - eine oft sehr schnelle und intensive digitale Kommunikation. Dabei teilt man sofort ein gemeinsames Interesse. Insbesondere innerhalb der eigenen Fraktion reicht dieses gemeinsame Interesse sehr weit und ermöglicht, sehr unbefangen und vertrauensvoll Freundschaften einzugehen.

Von nicht nur symbolischer Bedeutung ist dabei, dass man im Spiel unter Pseudonym auftritt. Nicht weil man irgendwie anonym wäre. Im Gegenteil, man gibt schnell eine ganze Menge von Dingen Preis, die man sonst wohl kaum gegenüber Unbekannten offen legen würde. Entscheidend ist: man hat mit den allermeisten, die man im Spiel trifft, keinerlei Vorgeschichte. Es gibt keine vorgefertigten Urteile und auch keine Erwartungen, die enttäuscht werden könnten. Jede und jeder kann sich in die Community einführen, wie sie oder er möchte, kann die Rolle übernehmen, die ihr oder ihm am meisten Spaß macht.

Und die Ingress Community ist höchst vielseitig und arbeitsteilig. Man kann Events organisieren, als lone wolf durch die Gegend ziehen, sich um die Einführung neuer Spieler kümmern, Farmen pflegen, Großfelder bauen, Opperator machen, unterhaltsam für die Community sein, Tools programmieren - jeder, was er kann und was ihm Spaß macht.

All das macht es leicht, sehr realitätsnah genau die Person zu sein, die man eigentlich schon immer sein wollte!

Insofern ist Ingress eben tatsächlich ein Rollenspiel. Allerdings eines, mit außerordentlich realistischen und in der Regel leicht zum positiven der jeweiligen Persönlichkeit verschobenen Rollen.

Na, wenn das nicht mal eine nette Erkenntnis ist:
Ingress macht aus uns bessere Menschen.

qed  :-D
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