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Michael Salinero
Photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop tips and observations
Photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop tips and observations

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Lightroom tone mapping - Here is an excellent explanation about how camera exposure values relate to tonal values in Lightroom. This video by George Jardine is worth viewing if you want take full advantage of the tonal controls in Lightroom.

I'm working my way through George's entire Image Correction course. He provides a lot of good practical information as well as the concepts and theory discussed in this video.

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Photoshop tip:  Start your photo edits in Camera Raw

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Lightroom Tip: Upload your web gallery

Thanks to Tim Grey and the folks at video2brain for this sample video from their Lightroom 4 Image Sharing workshop.

Lightroom 4 tip: New Basic Module controls

If you upgraded to Lightroom 4 and imported some new images, you might be a bit perplexed with the Develop module's Basic controls. Fill Light, Recovery, and the Brightness sliders are gone.

Here is an explanation in the Lightroom Journal:

Julieanne Kost goes into detail in this video:

The Lightroom Queen, Victoria Bampton, provides a quick insight in how to think about these new controls:

By the way, if your question is: Where are these new controls? They are right there in the Basic panel, but you need to convert your image to Process Version 2012. Click the ! icon in the lower right of the image area. Julieanne discuss this in her video.

Lightroom 4 is shipping! Here are some videos to get you going.

What’s New
In-depth look at the new Lightroom 4 features by Julieanne Kost:

The NAPP overview of Lightroom 4 new features:

Laura Shoe has a video overview of what is new.

Laura's blog is sure to have more info coming.

Getting started with Lightroom or need a refresher
In this series, Julieanne Kost takes you through in-depth tutorials to learn Lightroom 4.

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Lightroom 4 beta
Andrew Rodney discusses the Lightroom 4 soft proof gamut overlays and some cautions about their use. Then he shows a workflow for getting your soft proof to match you original on screen.

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