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Image deprived portals

I abhor portals with no pictures. :)

I was in Bethesda, Maryland a few weeks ago and spotted this portal while on the highway. I was in the passenger seat and was able to grab a quick picture, even if it wasn't a particularly good picture. The traffic was heavy and we were not moving at highway speeds, so that helped.

You can see the original picture and the cropped and processed picture that I submitted. I was able to clean it up quite a bit. It still could have used a little more work to bring up the lighter colors. I ended up with a little too much contrast. I was pretty happy about being able to remove the majority of the windshield glare though. And, I removed the lady's face visible in the first car, just in case that kept the picture form being accepted. Most people are only going to see this as a 1 to 2 square inch picture anyway.

Thankfully, there aren't many portals left in Houston with no pictures. I don't know what's up with all of the lazy people up in Maryland that have plenty of time to drop 8's on this portal but don't know they also have a camera on their phone. :)
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+Michael Rutherford I agree.
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A nice look at the actual OpenSSL Heartbleed code.

+David Evans can also be found teaching classes (even free ones) on
The discussions about Apple's goto fail I mention is here: goto fail; (I don't yet have the one about Apache's suEXEC non-vulnerability posted).
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Glyph Hack Sequence

Translation: Less Soul More Mind.

This is only my second successful 4 glyph hack on an L7 portal. I messed up the screen capture the first time. However, I think it was the same sequence.  You'll notice I received no speed bonus.  Oh well. :)

Generally, I only try to catch the first couple of glyphs and then close my eyes for the rest. But, if the first couple are glyphs that I'm pretty familiar with, sometimes I'll try to catch more.

I'm trying to learn the real names, but that's going slowly. I tend to call them things like small up v, right diamond, small down v, left diamond. Some of the glyphs just defy using simple names though.

#ingress   #glyphhack  
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+Michael Rutherford yeah, I hack L8 with 5/5 and 66% Speed Bonus about 33% of the time. And on L7 I get 4/4 with 58% Speed Bonus in about 60% of the time. I am a pro glypher I would say ;)

I like the mini game. Something to do in between the cool downs :)

Also some sport for the gray matter in our heads :D
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Michael Rutherford

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Hold A Meeting!!!

Does anything else need to be said?
If there is one word that encompasses the reason mankind has failed to reach its full potential, that word would be "meetings"
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Humble Mobile Bundle 4 - Android

A new mobile bundle is out. These are games from independent developers and you decide what to pay. The money is split between the developers, charity, and Humble Bundle. You can take the default split or choose your own percentages.

It's a really great way to support some independent developers, get some great games, give a little to charity. 

#humblebundle   #android  
Charge up your Android, because it's time for Humble Mobile Bundle 4! Just because you have to leave the house doesn't mean you have to stop gaming.

Pay what you want for Catan, Vector, Riptide GP2 and Zombie Gunship - but if you pay more than the average price, you'll also get BADLAND Premium and Breach & Clear. Get up to 6 great mobile games!
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Have him in circles
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#30daysoflensflare  Finally had a sunny day on day 15.

Droid Razr Maxx HD
Brightness/Contrast and unsharp mask adjustment on Photoshop Elements.
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Michael Rutherford

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New NIST Atomic Clock accurate to 1 second in 300 million years

No excuse for being late now. :)

Some additional information can be found here
But, the video is better.
"NIST Launches a New U.S. Time Standard: NIST-F2 Atomic Clock"

"NIST-F2 would neither gain nor lose one second in about 300 million years, making it about three times as accurate as NIST-F1, which has served as the standard since 1999."
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Now, all we really need is a version small enough to wear on your wrist.
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Arduino with 64x48 OLED display

Very interesting 100% Arduino compatible unit with a 64x48 OLED dispaly. $55 with a USB serial programmer included.

There are 24 days left. A note in the project says that the inital run will only build 5,000 units. It looks like they might be half way to that point now. The project has already met the funding goal.
Microview Shrinks Arduino Into A Teeny, Weenie OLED Module - 
Do you desire a teeny, tiny, little Arduino board with OLED display? You bet you do! Microview is a new "chip-sized" Arduino on Kickstarter that costs $45...
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Interesting, thanks for sending me the post! 
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Raspberry Pi Keyboard and Display

The Motorola DROID BIONIC (or ATRIX) Lapdock can be found around the internet for between $50 and $75. In some cases, these are brand new.

The lapdock has a USB and HDMI port and can be used as a compact keyboard/display for the Raspberry Pi.  You do have to make some connectors to match the male micro HDMI and USB connectors on the back to the Raspberry Pi. There are several articles around the internet showing how to do this with adapter cables and connectors that you can get from Amazon or eBay.

Currently, Dailysteals/Icemonkey still have some for $50.  The ad says they are new, but the one I received had been opened. Everything was there that was supposed to be though.

Link to dailysteals for the purchase.

The link to dailysteals didn't show the picture so the link in this post points to the device on Motorola's website.

Here's a link to a post that I made in December of 2012. It documents my method of connecting to the lapdock.  This is actually the second one I've purchased.  The price seemed so good to me  so I bought a spare. :)

#raspberrypi   #droidbionic  
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+Hari Krishna Dara I think that both the Atrix and Bionic lapdocks just use standard HDMI and USB (mouse/keyboard) so anything that supplied an HDMI signal for the display and had keyboard/mouse support via USB, would probably work. The two things to be concerned about is that the HDMI cable is fully pinned and that the USB port on your computer can deal with the power coming from the lapdock. If the HDMI cable doesn't supply all of the signals, then the lapdock probably won't power on unless it's modified according to the post on Element14. The USB power concern can be easily addressed by cutting those to wires in the cable you use.

The difficulty is that you have to obtain the cables or adapters with the right type of connectors, or splice together a couple of cables.  The male micro connectors on the lapdock are perfect for plugging the phone in but are not so perfect for connecting cables to.

Some of the other Motorola lapdocks might not work.
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Battlestar Galactica - All Along the Watchtower

Loved this show.  It was a little hard to follow watching it through the seasons.  The breaks between seasons can really mess with the ability to appreciate a continuing story line.

There's quite a few versions of this song on YouTube. This one is set to various battle scenes. 

#battlestargalactica   #scifi  
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If I use the Google+ page that was set up for my cell phone it looks just great no matter what definition setting are.
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