Flowing Water Friday - Gold Creek in Golden Ears Provincial Park

For #flowingwaterfriday by +Kate Church and +Rolf Hicker.

A few weeks ago I headed to Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia to hike to Lower Falls on Gold Creek. The trail was very muddy, and hard to walk on for much of the way but it was one of the first really nice days this Spring. To be out walking without the heavens pouring down was nice. I was never able to find the trail from Lower Fall to the above trail that I had intended to hike though. This gave me more time to make photographs between the Gold Creek bridge and Lower Falls. I made this photograph next to the Gold Creek bridge at the end of the Golden Ears Park road. Gold Creek is pretty wide in parts at this location, and while I did concentrate on some details of rocks and ripples, this wider view shows the overall look of this part of the creek.

This photo can also be viewed on my blog: http://photoblog.mrussellphotography.com/4937/gold-creek-in-golden-ears-provincial-park/
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