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Michael Ruderman

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One of my co-workers today is wearing a T-shirt that says, 'I void warranties'

Excellent :)
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Michael Ruderman

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Yes! Banal post to wish everyone a very safe and pleasant Thanksgiving. 

For those who are not living in the center of the known universe, that being the United States, have a great weekend. 

Either way, it's time to get your shop on. Holidays. Cringe-worthy music. And lots of solutions on sale for problems you, along with family and friends, never even knew were there!

Stay sane through it all. And or medicate. 
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Michael Ruderman

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So...every once in a while, I feel compelled to write one post that will sit in my public profile. And in most cases, I write about the same thing...profiles. 

There is so much you can do with your profile. So much, it still is fascinating that given the pure megabytes of pictures people must have, all the places they have been, the friends they have made, the likes, dislikes, and all sorts of sundry things that make up said personality, I am still confounded with the notion that people stamp a name, a non-identifiable picture, some quick blurb about whatever they are into at the moment, and then run all over the place, trying to follow (Google+ shaking hands) as many people as possible. 

If this is your profile...update it. Not so I can follow you back. That is, at the end of the day, up to me. Because after all, it is my stream, and I am rather picky as to what comes into it. Update your profile so you can have a more enriched experience in this medium. If you like to contribute original content, then by all means, update your profile as much as you can!

If you are still more apt to stay in the background and just read things from people, I would highly recommend joining the vast sea of communities out there. This way, you can have a more focused interaction with a lot more people.  

Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of introduction communities if you are just getting started. 

Now...this is a special message for all you marketeers out there trying to establish yourself, your privately held company of one, or trying the, '10 Easy Steps To Sell On Google+'. Follow my instructions very carefully:

1) Delete your profile
2) Toss all your devices/computer in a lake
3) Take up a hobby or volunteer work that is in service to others

Easy! Just 3 simple steps! 7 Less then having thousands of people block your profile! 

To everyone else? 


And thank you all for having a look and a read!
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Michael Ruderman

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This is my friend, Michael Shields. He is the lead singer and song writer for Earth and The Next Society. We met in what most would consider rather odd circumstances: The corporate world. And yes, he dresses like that to the office. In fact he dresses like that all the time.

Aside from having his own software company and the ability to architect enterprise databases, he is also a very well-known musician in many circles that would include legendary guitarists and guitar builders. 

We struck up a friendship immediately, and since then we continue to meet up and basically give each other s@#t, like good friends do. 

Back in June, I asked Michael if he can call up one of his connections to supply me with a guitar, specifically a Gibson Les Paul. He did one better: He gave me one of his own guitars, custom built to his specifications. 

It was mind-blowing and I have been full of gratitude ever since. Michael is a terrific guy, notwithstanding this incredible gift, and I want to you all to have a listen and be aware his band and talents. Like any group, they can use all the support they can get, so this post is to thank Michael and spread the word.  

I have a copy of the guitar you will see in the video. Now all I have to do is practice. A lot!
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Michael Ruderman

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+Katherine Vucicevic (pronounced Voo-Chi-Cheh-Vich for those just as curious as me) was CRAZY enough to share me in one of her circles. Thanks everyone for following me. I always know, even way back in high school, that when the most popular girl in school liked me (and went public), I became respectable overnight (true story in a school of over 2,400 students). 

With that, I will do my best to keep Katherine happy, because when Katherine is happy, I am at peace with all my new friends and followers. Give her any excuse to whisper dark things of me and pull the plug on my new found set of friends? I won't even think of the consequences of such a dishonor. 

Also, just for Katherine, did you get the PayPal payment yet? Yes, this is just the first installment. Expect something about every mid-month. 
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Michael Ruderman

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I just want to make a quick comment that if you are one of the many new Google+ account holders who are now following me, understand that I do not follow back people who are marketing themselves, their businesses, or something that is not personal or based on individual creativity and contribution. 

Some profiles that are blatant marketing schemes or lack any information except a fake looking picture to lure me into circling back get blocked altogether.

For those who are not added to one of my many circles, you have a pass, but with the caveat that I will not post publicly anything except for this message. I used to post publicly a lot, but as larger crowds swelled into Google+, the politeness seemed to change to the point that I am not interested in revealing things to 'strange'ers.

Also know that if your intentions are to (fill in this part with some newish sounding marketing terminology that has to do with building up a social network presence), you are in the wrong place trying to add the wrong people. 

This community is important to many people who share the same interests. This is not, and hopefully will not become, a community of potential customers. 

So get back to that profile of yours, post a real picture of yourself. Describe your loves, your fears, your interests and post really interesting things. This community will appreciate your individuality much more than seeing us all as a bunch of sheep with wallets. 

Also, if I know you (commented with you previously) and I missed circling you, please let me know in these comments to I can take corrective action. I apologize for not circling you before when I used to post everything publicly. I will most certainly circle you now!
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You mean I actually have to write in my profile? (the pressure...deep breaths, Michael, you knew this day would come...take the thumb out of your mouth and think. Think! Think! And write). - Thanks +Katherine Vucicevic , from some far and distant place in the middle of the ocean :)
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This picture came from my trip through Monument Valley yesterday. It was a perfect opportunity, considering all the intense weather moving through the four corners at the moment. 

Also, this picture represents a deep desire to visit Monument Valley starting about 10 years ago. It seemed every time I wanted to make this visit, it fell through. 

I have been in and around the area dozens of times, but to go up into this area takes a lot of extra effort (and driving). 

So without going into the several other reasons the timing was so perfect to be here...being the weather, my travels in the area, and the changes that have been happening in my life, I am excited at what is happening and what will happen. This picture, and standing in the awe of these magnificent creations gives me perspective, clarity, joy, love, happiness, accomplishment, and a whole host of many intersecting points of feelings, thoughts, and references. 

So I say, "Thank You." My enormous gratitude to my self for taking massive leaps of faith all my life. Gratitude for allowing my self to move forward, even when it appears 'forward' is everyone else's complete madman's sideways (and upside down). Gratitude to the people in my life who come to support this amazing adventure that is my life, and the gratitude that they, too, get something very positive and beautiful from our exchanges. 

I am happy. I am exhausted for driving all the way from the four corners to Los Angeles (area) in one massive drive. I am humbled by the beauty of this world and this planet and the people that are here to help each other. 

Enjoy this picture. This is your life, too. Just keep looking out as far as you can and keep moving in the direction that makes you happy. Because everyone else will follow and eventually see what you already see...and know...and pursue. They will help you and support you...but you have to allow it to happen, and in many cases, ask for it. 

Michael Ruderman

#monumentvalley   #gratitude   #grateful   #love   #life   #thankful   #thankyou  
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Nice one.. +Michael Ruderman 
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Michael Ruderman

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If your profile has anything to do with internet marketing or SEO, please do not attempt to follow me. I will block you. 

Sorry friends and followers. I needed a public post to whack these silly people away. But since they never read profile posts anyway, I will be blocking the next goof in 3 hours and 47 minutes from now. 
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See, I've never understood why people don't use G+ to it's fullest potential. Most people have many interests, and you can create circles for people interested in any of them, but don't broadcast niche stuff to people who clearly aren't interested. That's just rude and lazy.

I feel your pain all to well :)
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Michael Ruderman

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Everyone. I've noticed that many writing communities are a bit too friendly when it comes to writing reviews to those who ask for them. With that, I created a community with the specific purpose to give healthy, useful feedback to writers. It's called Writers' Teardown and if you would like to join to submit writing or become a critic/teacher, please do so. 
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Michael Ruderman

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Imagine having a long day. Any long day for that matter. Whatever it is that you either love or hate to do. 

Now imagine stopping by your local cafe. Yes! The one that makes you the perfect [fill in whatever suits your mood] drink. 

Look! Your favorite comfy chair is open and ready for you to park your weary self down and enjoy. 

The locals know you in passing, but you also made a few friends along the way, too. Sometimes they pop in and say hello, and other times they appear to be busy, but they all are there in spirit to share a sense of local charm. 

Now imagine, if you would, a complete stranger, with a smile, sitting down in the next empty seat. He or she seems rather nice, curious, helpful, interested in the cafe, you, and what makes this place wonderful and safe. 

Further, imagine the loud and intense sound of a needle being ripped off a playing record when that nice and friendly person pulls out a business card, hands it to you, and with no shame announces that he or she has something that may be of help to you. 

The violation! Your cafe! That safe and wonderful place! 

You feel uneasy as you accept this card while looking at this devilish smile, the smile of a shameless self-promoter, taking advantage of a very peaceful setting to network and seek business. 

You politely accept, but quickly look away and mutter that it was nice to meet this would-be friend, now a horrible stranger that took advantage of a warm, trusting, even loving situation to massage money from your wallet. 

Lately I have been inundated with followers that claim to be many things, but they are certainly not interested in anything that I have to say, write, or think. 

I ask them all here and now to think again. Do something personal. Be someone individual and expressive. Participate instead of lurking for opportunity. See us all as friends instead of potential clients and customers.

Stop posting and re-posting as if you want to decorate an entire neighborhood with silly posters of bands that will never make it past the local bar gigs. 

Don't chase me, or anyone else away from this very safe and friendly place. Look at Google+ as a sanctuary, and not an opportunity. Take refuge instead of taking away the spirit of this community. 

Be cool. 
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I think that may be an insult to robots everywhere, actually. The SEO-crap is more like a slime-mold based life form.
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Writer. I lead people who break software so you don't have to. Occasionally listens to people's problems. I also occupy my home and avoid traffic when I have the chance.
(pointing with big eyes) "What's that behind you?!" - Trust's a skill.
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Los Angeles, CA
Writes. Butterflies (appear to) like me.
I am of many things and many experiences, so for the purposes of this profile, I am a writer. I have been writing my whole life in various forms: Education, training, very long-winded journaling and expressive thought in posts or essays. 

Writing was not something that came easy way back in grade school. I really had to work on it, but then the flood gates opened up and I found myself fluent in thought, but still learning grammar and punctuation here and there!

In 2011, while in my 3rd year of acupuncture school, I was suddenly and unexpectedly willed to write what became my first book on self help. During the editing process, I wrote a second book on management. While writing my first book, I had a fantastic dream. I woke up, wrote down 5 pages of notes and quickly went back to sleep. 

Later that morning, I re-read my notes and laughed hard. There was something fantastic and my mind went into overdrive, creatively, to formulate this wonderful fictional story that I am presently working on with great enthusiasm. 

I knew I was onto something while writing my first book, and not seeing any real purpose in becoming yet another acupuncturist in Southern California, I promptly quit school to write full-time. 

In 2012, right after my first book hit the market, I was asked to return to my career in technology to help a friend, and I continue working in the field to support this new and wonderful creative endeavor. 

I am a healer and a very old soul. I am not New Age or woo-woo. I work, make money, live an incredibly modest and average happy life. I do not get into lifestyles, but I do participate quietly. For example, for health reasons, I switched to a vegan diet and it works.  

On the more concrete side of reality, I work in software quality as a senior manager with a degree in computer science. I am a board certified massage therapist. And I am an author.  

If you choose to follow me, I may or may not follow you back. I will look at your profile and your posting history to see if you harness a certain level of individual creativity that makes for interesting stream content. 

Consequently, if your profile is vague, lacks or has too much personal information (I don't care where you are hanging out), you fancy yourself an annoying constant self-promoter or an avid re-poster, you will not be followed. Individual creativity is paramount in my participation on this social network, so don't take it personally if I do not follow you back, and if you do, seek help. 

This profile is not about self promotion. You will not see references (except the links in my About page) to my written materials or any leading posts to point you in that direction. If you think I am posting along those lines, I assure you that it is coincidental. 

This is just a place to post thought. I hope you like it and I enjoy personal thoughts and interaction, but not criticism. Critical comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be blocked. 

With great things with people you want to be with. If I am one of them? Awesome. 
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Creative. Clever. Purposeful. Intrinsically Sound. Curious. Engaging. Part of the Solution.
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    Although I have attended schools, earned interesting pieces of paper that qualify me for several occupations, I am a self-learner who prefers to have direct engagement through interaction and experience. I realized this when I would answer regarding school and classes, "If it weren't for the teachers, the students, the useless assignments and tests that do not indicate any mastery of the subject, school would be so awesome!"
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