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Still great advice! #taxes #taxreturn 
Tax Return Tips - Spend Wisely!
What To Do and NOT to do with those $s
3 Must Nots & 5 Great Ideas

3 Things NOT TO DO
1. Buy lots of little frivolous things. 
2. Get a new car. Income tax returns often mean a new car when what you're driving runs fine.
3. Put the check directly into a checking account “for safekeeping.” This idea was heading in the right direction, except by putting it in the checking account, it didn't earn anything, and over time it slowly was spent on all kinds of unnecessary things until it was gone.

Bonus:  Don't have that BIG Party because you'll quickly find out that party ended up costing you more than expected!

What TO DO With that Tax Return$s

1. Start (or supplement) an emergency fund.. Sock the return away in a high interest savings account and let it just sit there until disaster strikes. This way, the disaster won’t wreck your finances – you can just go withdraw the money and it’s taken care of.
2. Invest 1/2 of it in a mutual fund. Do this every year and in a few short years you'll have a sizable nest egg, still growing.
3. Make a Permanent Change.  Home improvement, Complete Car service & new tires, even a fruit of the month club will off set monthly costs for the coming year and bring you and your family healthy food. 
4. Make your living space more energy efficient. Replace all of your lightbulbs with CFLs, put in programmable thermostats, air seal your home, get a blanket for your water heater (if it needs one), and so forth which will save you $s for years to come in electric bills.
5. Buy an appliance that encourages eating at home. Similar to the energy efficiency idea, purchasing an appliance (like a deep freezer or a stand mixer) that can encourage you to eat at home more often will gradually reap saving$s over time, as you begin to prepare more food at home. 

The moral of the story? There are a lot of things you can do with your tax return that can set you on a strong financial path. Don’t let this little financial boon convince you to do something unwise with your hard-earned money.

More Tax Return $s Spending Tips:

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From Google providing intimate details about businesses to Amazon expanding even further into the local scene, local SEO stands to see a lot of change this year.

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How do you make link building easier & less frustrating?

With a consistent, simple process to prioritize the opportunities. I cover exactly how in my latest Whiteboard Friday:

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Great #HR tool for uncovering the costs of #recruiting and hiring for your company vs industry standards. #staffing
Compare to Industry standards your Hiring and Recruiting Costs
Easy to use calculator helps you uncover the hidden costs of recruiting

Have you ever wondered how much it really costs to hire somebody into your company? Countless managers will put together a budget for a new hire only to have their estimated number blown out of the water when it comes to actually putting their new employee to work.

Outsourcing your hiring process isn’t for everyone. To see if staffing makes sense for your company fill out this easy calculator and confirm your direction. Who knows, you might be the hero that saves your company thousands...

#HR #recruiting #HumanResources #Talentacquisition #Staffing 

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Penguin 4.0 Changes Pretty Much Everything About How Spam Links Affect SEO in Google

This week's brand new Whiteboard Friday dives into what's so different about 4.0 vs. all the prior Penguin releases:

Also might be my new favorite WBF thumbnail :-)

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My recent #LinkedIn article covering #TeslaMotors and how your business can learn from Elon's disruption success! #disrupt 

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This month we have chosen to highlight Vincel Anthony, V-Soft's National Business Development and Diversity Manager. Vincel has been with the company for a few years now and has a great dedication to everything he does. What makes him tick? Find out in this blog post....

#culture #vincelanthony #louisville #itstaffingleaders

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3 Key Takeaways from Tesla Motors You Can Apply to your Business

Read below or learn more:

What is it about Tesla Motors that makes a company move from idea in 2003 to being among the leading automotive companies in America? How can we learn from Tesla's success and apply some of those same principles to our business?

Nothing Special at the Start for Tesla Motors
Tesla didn't start with fan fare you expected or by the people you thought. Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in July 2003. Sure, these two were smart silicon valley folks out to prove a battery powered car could be better than a gasoline powered car but no one could have predicted in 10 years they'd be competing on the world automotive stage.

If you didn't start your company with a big boom it would seem you didn't miss anything. Although the mission from the get-go was to transform an industry. In this Business Insider Story, The Making Of Tesla: Invention, Betrayal, And The Birth Of The Roadster, we learn that in the 1st ride a product designer was asked to touch the dash during acceleration and could not. This WAS their goal - to create a 100% torque in an instant that could only come from a high-performance electric car.

Takeaway #1: Innovate and Find a New(er) Way in Your Industry
This could be adopting existing technology in a new way, flipping the tables on how service is done, or a new product. If your goal is to sale the same green widgets as everyone else then that is what you will do - at least continually try to be disruptive by creating something newer, different, or simply a better application of what exists today.

"This isn't a nice little science experiment." Malcom Smith, product designer, after being asked to take a ride in the "tzero" built by AC Propulsion

Boring is Fine But Not if Your Goal is to be Disrruptive
Maybe you can't get lucky and have a highly visible entrepreneur, soon to be visionary, come join your company. There might be only one Elon Musk in the automotive industry but that doesn't mean you can't find the Elon Musk in your industry. Be honest with yourself because if it isn't you already it never truly will be. What does that mean exactly?

Finding one or more individuals that are willing to speak for the company and have an important role so they are more than a spokesperson. These folks are naturally comfortable in rooms or at the podium and they have energy, positive energy.

Takeaway #2: Find Your Own Elon Musk
Without taking away from core roles in your company you can lift an existing 'Elon Musk' in your company or find one externally.

Titles: Director of Innovation or Chief Disruption Officer are some ideas.
Creative Thinkers, avoid industry lifers as they can be closed in their thinking.
Believers to the core in you and your company.
Comfortable and energetic in front of an audience.
Smart socailly and intelligent as to your offerings and industry.
Have this person be the voice for a committee that seeks a new disruption for your company and industry. Include sales, operations,and product or service delivery team leads on this committee. Tie them to your company for as long as you can, you do not want to waste an investment and have them leave in a year or two.

Lastly, be willing to invest in and adopt the innovative practices the committee recommends no matter how crazy it may seem. At the least you bring attention to your company, at the best you disrupt an industry and become among the leaders.

For the rest of the article:

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