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Michael Roper
Web monkey & cyclist in ye olde Perth, WA..
Web monkey & cyclist in ye olde Perth, WA..

Hey guys, I'm shutting down a Sitefinity site, and I need to get a list of all the URLs I need to redirect to a new site, plus what was already redirecting to them. Does anyone know if there is a relatively easy way to get a list of all page nodes INCLUDING their multiple URLs, either by code or SQL query?

So, I missed the little red note in the docs that says "IMPORTANT: If you project uses NuGet packages, you must not upgrade it to Sitefinity 8.1 using the Project Manager.", and I upgraded using the Project Manager. :/

Now everything builds, but I'm getting the error "The provider 'Telerik.Sitefinity.Frontend.FilesMonitoring.Data.OpenAccessFileMonitorDataProvider' database schema version (1000) is higher than the currently running version (350). Downgrade is not allowed."

Any suggestions on how I could fix this, without going back all the way?

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Australian marketers, win a trip to Inbound 2015 in Boston.
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Has anyone played with the A/B testing feature of the Email Campaigns module? I thought i'd give it a try today, but didn't realise that it defaults to a duration of 1 week to run the test, and now I can't change the end time, or abort it, and I need to send the campaign to the rest of the recipients... any suggestions?

Hey guys, I'm trying to do a bit of a hack here, and getting tripped up...
I have a non-SF page sitting in a folder in my root (/promo/index.html), and I want to be able to access that as /promo. Easy enough with a URL rewrite in web.config... BUT - I need the page to be in the SF navigation tree, so it's in my main menu.

So, I add a top-level page node in SF, url name of "promo". But that SF page then overrides the actual folder in the root now, which I don't want to happen. I can make that page node into a 'redirect', but I actually want to keep the final page url as /promo, so i need it to rewrite, not redirect.

Can someone suggest a better way to have a SF menu item pointing to a non-SF folder/file, without redirecting? Do IIS rewrite rules get processed before SF starts routing URLs?

According to the docs, I shouldn't change the library providers urlName after I've already uploaded files, or their URLs will break. However, if I absolutely needed to change it, is there a way to update the urls of existing files? Directly in the database? 

In the absence of any GUI method to apply categories/tags to multiple articles at a time, does anyone have an example of an easy way to do this via code?

Hi guys, I'm playing around with Klipfolio, and was wondering if there is any kind of library of pre-built Klips or data source examples for sources like Google Analytics? I know the whole idea behind Klipfolio is the power to create really customised metrics, but having a starting point as to what common datasource queries need to contain would be helpful to drag-n-drop noobs like myself.

Failing that, is there any articles out there that give a good intro to setting up klips like this? I'm happy to build things myself if I need to, but some direction is always good..

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I'm guessing this is something that would be possible with the API, but i wanted to check if anyone had done something similar before... I need to do a site audit, so I want to export an XLS/CSV file of the page structure of my site, with columns for the different page properties, so I end up with something like the attached image.. does anyone have  any code examples that roughly does that, even if it's just a table on a HTML page?

(Bonus points if anyone has already implemented this as a 'multi-edit' view within Sitefinity, where one could edit the basic properties of multiple pages at the same - Content managers/SEO people would LOVE that!)

Hey guys - is there any documentation/examples/blogposts on implementing front-end content input for a dynamic module? Just need to show my dev guys that it is possible (and relatively easy?)...
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